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About STF

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) is dedicated to making nature and culture accessible to everyone. We want to inspire people to enjoy all that Sweden has to offer, today as well as tomorrow. That is why we work to safeguard the environment in order to preserve it for future generations.

STF is an organization of committed people, who seek discoveries off the beaten track – in the deep forests and up the tall mountains. Also closer to home, through our network of local chapters. Our aim is for more people to experience adventures up and down the country.

As one of the country’s largest non-profit member organizations, we are deeply rooted in sustainable Swedish tourism. In part, our work is made possible by our 250 accommodations. And our work never ends. What is wonderful about Sweden is that there is always more to discover.

Brief facts – STF

  • 1885

    Founded 1885 in Uppsala

    From day one, STF has promoted tourism in Sweden by helping people to discover their country.

  • 228,000

    Has over 228,000 members

    STF is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable tourism, based on Sweden's natural and cultural heritage.

  • 250

    250 places to stay

    STF offers 250 hostels, hotels, guest houses, mountain stations and mountain cabins, from north to south.

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