STF’s operations

STF is to enable people to discover Sweden, and to be a natural choice for all who want to get involved and contribute to ensuring the more people are given the opportunity for experiences based on the natural world and cultural heritage. The association is to inspire to travel, activities and adventures that give unique experiences of the natural world and cultural heritage throughout Sweden.

The association is to work actively to promote and develop STF’s position within a broad range of outdoor activities. Trekking tourism is to be given a particular focus during the next period of office.

The board is to draw up a plan of activity coupled to the guidelines for issues related to tourism, outdoor activities, the natural world and cultural heritage, and is to work to achieve a distinct voice in public debate.

The association is to develop its power of attraction and reach out to new members/guests by offering reasonable and attractive accommodation facilities and high-quality activities.

Our members are the foundation of our operations and for this reason are to be given priority in all operations. The target groups given the highest priority by STF are young adults, families with children and active seniors. It is our ambition that more members become active in the district associations.

STF is to be a good example in the way in which it works with the question of sustainability, where the principles of ecotourism are to be a guiding light.

The operations are to be developed in such a manner that the economy is sustainable in the long term.

– From the document Guiding Principles for STF, 2014-2016.