The STF app

Log into the "STF " app to access your digital membership card. You can also search for and read about all STF accommodation and manage your bookings via a link.

Download your digital membership card

You can download your digital membership card in the “STF Medlemskort” app. 

  1. Download the app. The app is called “STF”.
  2. Have your membership number ready. To download your membership card, you need to provide your membership number and postcode. Your membership number is shown on the printed membership card that we sent you when you became a member. For new members, it can take up to three working days to process the payment. After that, the membership card will be sent to your home.
  3. Lost your membership card? If you have registered your e-mail address with us, we can send your membership number to your e-mail. Please use the form in the app.
  4. Then follow the instructions in the app.
  5. If you already have the app and have just renewed your membership, your membership period will be updated automatically.
  6. That’s it!

Digital membership card on your phone

Since a few years ago, we no longer issue plastic membership cards. Instead, you log in and easily access your membership card from our app on your phone. Once completed, you no longer need an Internet connection to access your membership card, provided you remain logged into the app. It’s an easy way to make sure it is always available when you need it. If you log out of the app, you will need an Internet connection to log in again and download your membership card.

If you already have the app and have just renewed your membership, your membership period will be updated automatically. If not, you may have an older version of the app. Please make sure to update to the latest version of the app.

If multiple people in your household are members and addressed mailings from STF are sent to you, you will be able to see the membership cards of all family members in the app.

Can’t download the app? Along with your welcome letter, you will also receive a paper membership card that to be used a proof of membership when staying with us.

Accommodation and your bookings in the app

In the app, you can organize and search all of STF’s accommodation options. You can also access your STF bookings by using a link. This way, you have everything you need for your trip available on your phone.

Get the app

Download the app from App Store 

Download the app from Google Play

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