The purpose of STF's whistleblower system is to make it possible to raise an alarm in the event of any kind of misconduct in our operations where its disclosure would be in the public interest.

Whistleblowing does not normally apply to issues that only concern an individual’s employment or working conditions.

Who can whistleblow?

Who handles incoming cases?

HR, the Chairman of the Board and CEO handle all whistleblower matters confidentially. If the case involves one of these three functions/persons, it will only be handled by the other two.

How do I take action?

  1. Open the link to the reporting channel &frankly
  2. Click on “Submit a report”
  3. Add a title and choose a category and a description
  4. Upload the files or documents you want to attach to your case, if any
  5. If you wish to be notified of updates to your case, you can add your email address or your mobile number. The case manager who reads your report will NOT be able to see your email address or mobile number
  6. Create the case by clicking “Send”

When you create a case, a case ID and password are generated. Save the case ID and password in a safe place that only you have access to. Please note that the case ID and password cannot be reset if you forget or lose them.

Case management timetable

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