Abisko - Chairlift Tickets (winter)

Abisko - Chairlift Tickets (winter)

STF Abisko Turiststation

Abisko - Chairlift Tickets (winter)

Welcome to Abisko at its best, when the warm spring sun makes the days longer. Here you get to experience both big and small adventures in the Abisko National Park.

More and more people are discovering Nuolja Offpist, a Mecca for backcountry skiing. With 1640 vertical feet you get never ending possibilities to find new lines in natural mountain terrain. You get to rest your legs when you ride the chairlift, gliding silently above the treetops, or at Aurora Sky Station, where you'll find a cosy café and a big sun deck.

From Aurora Sky Station you can also start your adventure on Nordic backcountry skis. Here you get to experience skiing above the tree line with an amazing view of the Abisko Alps and lake Torneträsk. You might even dare to try the marked ski-track "Glidaren", which takes you on a long ride, in a gentle slope, down to the Kårsavagge valley, and from there down to the Abiskojåkka river and back to Abisko Turiststation.

If you just want to buy a return ticket for the chair lift you can do that as well. Just ride up and enjoy a nice cup of coffee on the sun deck, with one of the best views imaginable.

Price includes:
Chairlift ticket

Opening hours: 9:30 am - 4 pm
For booking conditions, read the information sheet



Alpine skiing Spring Winter


Abisko - Chairlift Tickets (winter)

17 Feb 2023 - 23 Apr 2023

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Prices from:

195 kr

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