Abisko - Experience Abisko - from railway construction to light phenomena

Abisko - Experience Abisko - from railway construction to light phenomena

STF Abisko Turiststation

Abisko - Experience Abisko - from railway construction to light phenomena

Interesting stories about Abisko enrichen your experience here. We are proud to share some of the unique cultural heritage that has put Abisko on the map. In a simple, entertaining manner we talk about important events, people and of course, light.

On a stimulating pleasant walk in the beautiful wild nature we pass the first building that provided accommodation for STF members and guests. During the railway construction era this was the home of excavation supervisors. Here you will find out more about famous personalities, e. g. Selma Lagerlöf and how she gave the name "Akka" to the goose in "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils". Stopping at the two-in-one "Railway Construction and Border Defence Museum" you can listen to a wartime radio broadcast and feel the weight of iron ore in the palm of your hand.

We walk downstream alongside Abisko River which has worn its way through rock to form a mighty canyon with cliff walls. Our tales vary in time and space as we pause at symbolic places that are well worth extra attention. The "walk-and-talk" is rounded off with descriptions of effects that light has on your surroundings in different seasons - from Northern Lights to Midnight Sun.

This activity is a perfect start to your stay at Abisko.

Entrance to the Railway Construction and Border Defence Museum

Bring with you:
Clothes suited to weather conditions

Useful information:
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 1,5 km
Age: None
Other requirements: None

Meet at:
Reception at latest 14:30 (back around 16:00)

Other information:
Maximum 16 participants

Sign up:
Online at least three days in advance, or on site at STF Abisko Mountain Station no later than 12.00 on the same day.

Reservation for changes

Travel options

Read more about how to get to Abisko under ”directions”, direct link: https://www.swedishtouristassociation.com/facilities/stf-abisko-mountain-station/directions/


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Experience Abisko

22 Nov 2019 - 1 May 2020

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