Abisko - Experience the Aurora and Polar Lights

Abisko - Experience the Aurora and Polar Lights

STF Abisko Turiststation

Abisko - Experience the Aurora and Polar Lights

Come to Abisko and experience the snow-covered mountains under the changing lights of the arctic winter sky. Visit STF Aurora Sky Station to see the aurora, enjoy good food and try snowshoeing or nordic ski touring i Abisko National park.

The dark months of winter is an amazing time to experience the mountains above the arctic circle. Here you are met by a pastel-colored sky during the day an endless starry sky during the night. If you come during a full moon you gain a new perspective on your surroundings as they are lit up by the gloomy moonlight. The tour up to STF Aurora Sky Station is one of the highlights, where you get the chance to experience the northern lights from 900 meters elevation, with a panoramic view of the Abisko valley.
Three nights full-board accommodation in a hotel room or hostel room at STF Abisko Turiststation
STF Aurora Sky Station Northerm Light Dinner on the second evening
To secure skiing or snowshoeing equipment in the right size, please fill out the booking form below and email that to abisko.butik@stfturist.se, preferably a month before arrival.
We cannot guarantee that you will see northern lights.
For more information and terms and condtions read the information sheet.


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Abisko - Experience the Aurora and Polar Lights

17 Nov 2022 - 19 Mar 2023

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Prices from:

5595 kr

STF Member | Accomodation included Per person

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