Abisko - Ice climbing afternoon

Abisko - Ice climbing afternoon

STF Abisko Turiststation

Abisko - Ice climbing afternoon

An exciting, challenging and adrenaline – pumping combination. You feel at one with the ice. With ice axes and crampons as your only tools, filled with exhuberance, and with a professional guide by your side, you reach new heights on the stimulating, vertical

First you get acquainted with the equipment on "flat land" then, with firm steps, go down a winding path surrounded by steep rock walls. On reaching the shimmering blue ice in Abisko canyon (Abiskokanjonen) we start to climb. The icefall is 12 metres high: ideal both for curious beginners and experienced climbers. Feel the community spirit as well as security and the joy that grows throughout this intense activity.

Equipment for ice climbing
Warm beverage and biscuit

Useful information:
Duration: 3 hours
Height icefall: 12 metres
Age: Minimum 12 years
Bring with you: Clothes suitable for a half-day outdoors.
Meet at: Reception at latest 14:00 (back around 17.00)
Other information: Max 6 persons

For booking conditions, read the information sheet.



Climbing Winter


Abisko - Ice climbing afternoon

20 Dec 2022 - 18 Mar 2023

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845 kr

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