Abisko - Northern Light Hike

Abisko - Northern Light Hike

STF Abisko Turiststation

Abisko - Northern Light Hike

Looking for, and at, Northern Lights is best done on foot under open skies. Hiking around Abisko gives you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery for as long as possible, giving you memories that last a lifetime.

Filled with excitement, we get ready to experience the mythical phenomenon, Aurora Borealis. During the hike we stop at places in the Abisko National Park that are known to give brilliant views of the lights. Along the way the guide tells you more about the aurora and answers all questions you might have. The route taken, downstream along the Abiskojåkka river through mountain birch forests to lake Torneträsk, is a classic one. Have your camera ready for sudden bursts of coloured light dancing in the sky. We round off in front of a warm fire, exchanging views and discussing impressions of our night-time adventure.

Guide, coffee and dried reindeer meat

Previous knowledge required: None

Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 4-6 km
Age limit: 6 years
Meet at: Reception at 19.00 (back around.23.00)
Max 16 participants.

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Travel options

Read more about how to get to Abisko under ”directions”, direct link: https://www.swedishtouristassociation.com/facilities/stf-abisko-mountain-station/directions/


Mountain hiking Winter


Abisko - Northern Light Hike

20 Nov 2021 - 19 Mar 2022

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