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Abisko - The Kings Trail Abisko - Kebnekaise; Selfguided

Abisko - The Kings Trail Abisko - Kebnekaise; Selfguided

STF Abisko Turiststation

STF Kebnekaise Mountain station

Abisko - The Kings Trail Abisko - Kebnekaise; Selfguided

Hiking should be easy, safe and fun! Enjoy one of the world’s most famous treks at your own pace.

The northern part of the Kings trail goes from Abisko National park, full of wildlife, heading south towards Kebnekaise's massive alpine peaks. During your hike you'll walk through some of Sweden's most beautiful valleys, surrounded by mountains and glaciers as well as rivers and beautiful nature.

Full board accommodation in Abisko Turiststation and Kebnekaise Mountain Station (first and last night)
Accommodation in STF mountain huts along the Kings Trail, 5 nights
Map and guidebook, Abisko - Kebnekaise (not included in children’s package)

Guided tour to the summit of Kebnekaise and extra nights at Kebnekaise Mountain Station are NOT included but can be booked separately. Please visit the following link for more information:

Good physical condition, be able to hike up to 20 kilometers per day with 10-15 kg on your back.
For more information about the Kings Trail and the trek to Kebnekaise, please visit the mountain information at Abisko Turiststation on the night of your arrival or the morning before your departure. There you can meet a guide that will answer all your questions.
Dinner in Abisko Turiststation is served at 7.30 PM
Dinner in Kebnekaise Mountain Station is served at 8.30 PM
Note! When you book this package, you are not able to upgrade the accommodation, or change the date of your stay in Kebnekaise. If you arrive in Kebnekaise Mountain Station earlier or later then the booked date, we can not guarantee that there will be available beds.
If you have a group or family larger than 4 persons, please contact our booking department to make a reservation.

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Abisko - The Kings Trail Abisko - Kebnekaise; Selfguided

19 Jun 2020 - 7 Sep 2020

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