Aroura Lounge
Aroura Lounge

You come to Abisko with dreams of seeing the magical Northern Lights. To give you the best conditions to make dreams come true we invite you to spend a whole evening at Aurora Lounge.
Since it isn’t possible to predict when the Northern Lights appear, we take care of you all evening.

We start the evening by giving you knowledge about solar winds, the Earth’s atmosphere and the Northern Lights. Then we step outside – perhaps catching an early glimpse of dancing, green light in the evening sky. Irrespective of this, our guide will show you exciting lookout points, including “Aurora Watching Place” all linked to what you have just been told.
Knock on the door to come inside again - into the warmth of our “Lavvu” (Sami tent) Lounge where the fire is crackling. Enjoy one-another’s company and join in the conversation. Sit around a table set for a Swedish “fika” break.
From here it’s easy to get to Aurora Watcher's Place as soon as anything happens in the sky.
Nature provides us with earth, air, wind and water. Now we provide fire to beckon Aurora.

Northernlight presentation
Arctic style overalls and boots
Snacks, coffee/warm bevarage, cheese, dried reindeer meat and fine berries from the richness of the forest.

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days (168 hours) before arrival. After this time, no reimbursements of amounts paid will be made.


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Aroura Lounge

3 Oct 2019 - 16 Nov 2019

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