Digital Detox for two

Digital Detox for two

STF Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Digital Detox for two

Welcome to a relaxed stay, with everything included. Stay in the hut, roll out the sleeping bags, lie down for a while, and just enjoy.
Private Sauna is included the first evening, and day 2, our wood-heated forest bath.

What to expect
Accommodation 2 nights in a charcoal hut (sleeping bags, travel pillow, linens, towels) Breakfast to cook yourself over the fire
Day 1 (arrival day)

Dinner basket (does not need to be cooked)
Private Sauna 2h, you chop wood and heat yourself. (and cleans after you)
Canoe, (afternoon)

Day 2

Lunch and dinner from our forest pantry to cook over the fire.
Wood heated forest bath in the afternoon/evening. Your host lights the bath for you and you then watch for the fire yourself during the evening. After about 2 hours, the bath is usually warm enough


Health Summer


Digital Detox for two

27 May 2022 - 1 Oct 2022

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Prices from:

3400 kr

STF Member | Accomodation included per person

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