Man walking between Ammarnäs and Hemavan

Abisko and Kebnekaisefjällen

The region of Abisko and Kebnekaise has an extensive network of trails and a wide range of accommodation, making it readily accessible to hikers. The most popular route is between Abisko and Nikkaluokta. Kungsleden passes through the region between Abisko and Vakkotavare.

The region has high summits, the Abisko national park, and Sweden’s most famous mountain silhouette – Lapporten. The landscape above the tree limit is varied, with wide open areas, lakes, fast-flowing streams and high mountains. Here verdant rolling mountains and open heaths take over from the barren mountainside and snow-covered summits of the high mountains. Some of the steeper peaks require technical climbing, while others are easier to reach.

Some valleys are stony and barren, others luxuriant and flower-filled meadowland. The Kebnekaise massiv has alpine peaks, glaciers, and Sweden’s highest mountain. Most who reach the summit do so with a guide from the STF Kebnekaise mountain station. This is one of Sweden’s most wonderful and most popular mountain regions.

Note that extensive reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region, and visitors must show great consideration.


Bus/train from Kiruna to Abisko and Katterjokk
Bus from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta
Bus from Gällivare to Vakkotavare and Ritsem

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