Hikers above river delta in Abisko

Jämtland and Härjedalsfjällen

The wilderness is everywhere close at hand in the Jämtland and Härjedal mountain ranges. Sylarna, Helags and the Vålådalen nature reserve are all popular mountain areas, and offer many opportunities for diverse hiking. There are many marked hiking trails here and plenty of places to stay.

Note! Some information on this page may be outdated due to the new land lease in Jämtland and Härjedalen. Learn more about the new land lease and which accommodations are affected. The page is continuously updated.

In the east, visitors are met by lowland peaks and both mountain birch and coniferous forests. And in the west – barren mountain landscape with wonderful attainable summits on both the Swedish and the Norwegian side. At the heart of the Jämtland and Härjedal mountains are high-alpine massivs. Here we have classic trails, glaciers and magnificent summits – of which the most well-known are probably Helags and Sylarna. And it is, of course, possible here to hike over the border into Norway.

There are endless opportunities for diverse hiking in the Jämtland and Härjedal mountains. You can, for example, follow classic hiking trails such as the Jämtland Triangle and a circuit of Sylarna. Or you may prefer to cross the landscape by starting in Storulvån and ending in Vålådalen, Ljungdalen or Ramundberget. This region has something to offer everyone – from the experienced hiker to the complete newcomer.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, and visitors must show respect for this.


Bus to Ramundberget/Funäsdalen from Östersund/Stockholm
Bus from Östersund/Svenstavik to Ljungdalen
Bus from Undersåker to Vålådalen
Bus from Duved/Enafors to Storulvån
Bus/train to Storlien
Bus from Kolåsen to Järpen.

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