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Boats in the mountains 2020

The Swedish mountains cover a vast area and depending on how you plan your adventure, you may come across large lakes and watercourses. On this page you will find timetables, contact details and other information on boat traffic in the mountains. Boat schedules for the summer 2021 will be updated during may.

Boats along Kungsleden

Those hiking Kungsleden north of Kvikkjokk will need to transport themselves via boat in four places – Aktse, Sitojaure, Saltoluokta and Teusajaure. Rowing boats are available in all locations except Saltoluokta, but it is also possible to book or join a scheduled trip.

Kungsleden heading south from Kvikkjokk also has boat routes. The first transport starts in Kvikkjokk and is approximately 3 km. The water is fast flowing here and there are no rowing boats. The next boat route is over the lake Riebnes where there is no rowing boat either. Before Jäkkvik there is a third short boat route where only rowing boats are available. Boat transport between Jäkkvik and Hemavan is possible for those who want it. More information about scheduled departures and booking transport can be found on the website for Boat traffic in Kvikkjokk.

Please note that there is a charge for all boat traffic so bring cash.

If you are using rowing boats, there must always be at least one rowing boat on each side. If you come to a side where there is only one rowing boat, you must first row across, tow one boat back and leave it on the side you came from. Only then can you continue along the trail. For more information, please phone the County Administrative Board Mountains Department on +46 10-225 50 00

STF Saltoluokta mountain station – Kebnats (M/S Langas 2020)

You can find timetables and prices for Saltoluokta – Kebnats and Stora Sjöfallet here

Teusajaure (2020)

Between Teusajaure and Vakkotavare, you need to take a boat about one kilometre along the trail. The county administrative board’s rowing boats are available but it is also possible to get taken across the lake by the cabin host in Teusajaure. If you want to cross the lake from the other direction you must hoist the flag/can so that the cabin host can see that someone wants to get picked up. The times below then apply with a delay of 15 minutes.

You can pay with either card or cash on the boat. If the weather is very bad or the water level is wrong, the trip will be cancelled.

Teusajaure – Vakkotavare

18/6 – 30/8

31/8 – 20/9

09.00 09.00
16.00 16.00

If the weather is very bad the trip will be cancelled.

Prices Teusajaure, one way

STF Member


Adult (26-) SEK 100 SEK 150
Young people (16-25) SEK 100 SEK 150
Child (6-15) SEK 0 SEK 50
Child (0-5) SEK 0 SEK 0

Aktse (Laidaure 2020)

Between Aktse and Laitaure, the county administrative board’s rowing boats are available but it is also possible to get taken across the lake by the cabin host in Aktse or by Anne-Sophie Länta who helps the cabin hosts with transport on certain days. The voyage takes about 15 minutes by motorboat. If you want to cross the lake from the other direction you must hoist the flag/can so that the person driving the boat can see that someone wants to get picked up.
The flag/can must be hoisted at least 30 minutes before a scheduled boat trip.


Aktse – Laitaure 09:00 and 17:00
Laitaure – Aktse 09:15 and 17:15


Adult SEK 200
Children 6–15 years of age SEK 100
Children aged 0–5 travel for free

If the weather is very bad the trip will be cancelled.

Sitojaure and Svine (only TO Rinim, not from)

Private boat driver in Sitojaure Lars Blind.
N.B. We do not take you from Rinim, only TO Rinim.


Sitojaure – Svine 09:00 and 17.00
Svine – Sitojaure 09:15 and 17:15 (must be pre-booked)

(We are available before 3/7 as well. Phone/e-mail for more information.)


Sitojaure – Svine: We are there to meet you. Phone/e-mail for times and prices.
Svine – Sitojaure: Boat transport when booked in advance. We are there to meet you. Phone/e-mail for times and prices.

(We are available after 20/9 as well. Phone/e-mail for more information.)


Adult: SEK 300
Children under 12: SEK 150
Children 0–4: travel for free

Hikers coming from the south are asked to phone when then start off from Aktse to book the boat crossing. There will also be signs marking where it is possible to receive a TELIA phone signal and call along the way, there is no mobile phone signal at location where the boat moors in Svine. We also go at other times when required. For special requests such as a boat trip into Sarek (Rinim), sightseeing tours along Sitojaure (Sarek), contact the boat driver. Price: SEK 800/person.
N.B. We do not take you from Rinim, only TO Rinim.

Telephone: +46 73-079 96 03, +46 10-401 63 47, +46 70-2776688
E-mail: Sitojaure@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sitojaure/
Contact person: Lars Blind

Alesjaure (2020)

For those wishing to shorten the hike by about six kilometres on the stage between Abiskojaure and Alesjaure, there are boats crossing a few times per day between the north and south end of Alesjaure.


From Alesjaure Mountain Cabin, the boat leaves at 10:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 18:30.
From the jetty by the outlet of Alesjaure, the boat leaves at 10:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:00.

Contact person: Roland Enoksson tel. +46 70-634 34 39


Adult SEK 400
Half price for children up to the age of 12.
Extra backpacks, if there is space, half price.
Only accepts cash, including EUR and NOK.

Extra trips
Daily between 8:00–20:00 it is possible to book an extra trip outside of the timetable (the same route). N.B. Minimum 6 people.


If you want to shorten your hike between Kebnekaise and Nikkaluokta by six kilometres, you can take this boat. The trip takes 20–30 minutes. The boat runs daily during the absolute peak season.

Prices and sailings
If you need a boat trip outside of the regular schedule, it is possible to book an extra trip.
Enoks in Láddjujávri (Sarriland AB) +46 73-031 70 27
E-mail: Info@enoks.se
Website: www.enoks.se


Grövelsjön, Dalarna
Grövelsjöns Båttrafik HB +46 10-230 00 36

Ritsem – Vaisaluokta
STF do not longer operate this route, but during 2020 there are three companies operating on the route.

M/S Storlule 2020
Ritsem – Änonjalme/Áhkka – Vaisaluokta

Price: Adult 300 SEK, Children 0-12 years free
Payment: Cash or Swish
Operated by: Tjacko AB
Facebook: Storlule Baten
Instagram: storlule_baten

Tours will be cancelled in bad weather conditions.

10/8 – 1/9
Ritsem 10:30 13:00 18:00
Änonjalme/Áhkká 11:10 13:40 18:40
Vaisaluokta 11:50 14:20 19:20
Ritsem 12:50 15:20 20:20
2/9 – 6/9
Ritsem 13:00
Änonjalme/Áhkká 13:40
Vaisaluokta 14:20
Ritsem 15:20

Ahkka boat taxi 
We run a boat shuttle on the lake of Ahkkajaure, Ritsem-Enonjalme-Vaisaluokta- Ahkka bay, during July and August with reservation for extreme weather conditions.
Please make reservations by telephone, call us or send a text.

Website: ahkka.nu
Telephone: +46 76-843 81 37
Contact person: Anna Parfa and Andreas Parfa

Other boat companies on Akkajaure: Observe – must be pre-booked.
– Ante Walkeapää, +46 70-6044079

Operates daily transfers (June 26th – September 6th) in connection to the local busses to Vaisaluokta. Price: SEK 350. Please contact them for pre-booking by phone +46 973-40032or by e-mail booking@fiskflyg.se For more information check the webb https://en.fiskflyg.se/

Stora and Lilla Tjulträsk (Kungsleden)
Ammarnäs to Servestugan
Ammarnäs Båttaxi Tjulträsk, boat driver Torbjörn Eriksson +46 70-682 09 71
Is easiest to get hold of via telephone in the evening. Torbjörn also runs guided sightseeing tours.

Iraft (Kungsleden)
Arnold Sundqvist +46 961-230 18

Hornavan (Kungsleden)
Boat traffic on Hornavan has stopped running as Kungsleden now has a temporary route to the west of Hornavan.

Riebnesjaure (Kungsleden)
Jan Johansson +46 730-35 86 73, Eva Johansson +46 706-96 80 45.

Private boat rides over Kutjaure. Lars Anders Utsi +46 73-80 85 4 85.
Available from midsummer to September, call ahead to order a boat ride.

Both scheduled boat transportation and booked trips are available from 17 June to 19 September. We take passengers to and from the starting points for the trails Padjelantaleden, Nordkalottleden, southern Kungsleden, Vallevárre, day trips and guided tours in the Kvikkjokk delta.

There are opportunities for many nice day hikes.

For more information, please contact Björn Sarstad: +46 70-205 31 93 or Helena Adolfsson: +46 73-800 62 32
e-mail info@battrafikikvikkjokk.se or Båttrafik i Kvikkjokk’s website

Sarek (Nammatj) and the eastern end (the bike trail)
The Länta family provides transportation here and you can pre-book a boat ride or contact Ann-Sophie Länta by phone or via walkie talkie when in the area. Go to the website www.aktsebo.se for more information.
STF do not operate these routes.

Ann-Sophie Länta: +46 70-222 82 50 or +46 70-962 99 65.

Rinim – Sitojaure – Rinim/Sitojaure – Rinim
Boat rides should be booked in advance!
Per Olof Kuhmunen (residing in Rinim) +46 70-273 06 16
E-mail: per.olof.kuhmunen@gmail.com
You do not need to go to the Sitojaure cabin in order to take the boat to Rinim. When you see the lake Sitojaure, follow the edge of the ravine down to Ribaluokta.

Vistasdalen (on-demand service)
Information and booking:
Nikkaluokta Sarri AB +46 980-550 15
E-mail: nikka.sarri@telia.com

Kilpisjärvi-Treriksröset (Nordkalottleden) M/S Malla
+ 358-400-669 392, + 358-16-53 77 83

With reservation for incorrect information or changes.


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