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Abisko is a unique meeting place to find inspiration and develop oneself. Our goal is to unite people in a magnificent nature, and in a quiet and calm environment you are allowed to reflect and see new perspectives. We offer our guests tailor-made packages with the opportunity to combine accommodation, activities, and meals.

Every year we welcome business groups, school classes and private groups of varying sizes. Abisko is a popular destination for groups and here we organize everything from meetings and conferences to more festive events. We have rooms in various sizes containing technical equipment for conferences and lectures. For more information about our conferences and premises, contact:

For bookings or questions, please use our group enquiry form here on the site, call us on +46 10-190 2407 or email your request to:

Conference package

At STF Abisko Tourist Station, we offer a unique conference program where you can combine meetings in conference rooms with nature and mountain experiences. Why not replace part of the meeting day in the conference room with an inspiring walk-and-talk conversation along the Abisko Canyon? We have put together several options to make your conference program feel even closer to the mountains.

The basic package includes accommodation, full board, conference room and conference coffee. Accommodation is available in hotel rooms, hostel rooms or cottages. Welcome to contact us for detailed information and specific requests for the conference package!

abisko cenference

Cooking with an outdoor kitchen

Borrow outdoor kitchens in the rental and go out on your own to cook your food in nature. You choose whether you want to try cooking freeze-dried food or compose a more advanced meal. Pack your bag and take a trip out into the mountains to cook or hang around closer to the station.

The wooden heated sauna at Torneträsk

Located down by the shore to Torneträsk is our beautiful wood-fired sauna. Enjoy a sauna with Lapporten as the view and take a refreshing dip in Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake. You are greeted by a heated sauna equipped with towels and firewood to light the stove with.

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Lunch or dinner hangout in Lavvun (Lavvu is Sami for tipi)

In our wooden lavvu you gather around the crackling fire which is the centre of the lavvu. Our skilled chefs prepare the food for you, and you can choose if you want to cook some of it yourself over the open fire or if everything should be ready to eat.

Outdoor conference coffee

A nice break on the conference day does not have to be more complicated than a coffee in nature. The restaurant prepares coffee in thermoses and pastries that can easily be taken outdoors. You each get an Abisko cup for the coffee, which you can then take home as a memory.

abisko conference

Cable car

Take the cable car up to our home mountain Nuolja and be fascinated by the panoramic view over Torneträsk and the Abisko Alps. In winter you can visit Aurora Sky Station in the evening to see the Northern Lights. In summer you can go up during the day to hike with panoramic views, and in the evening to see the midnight sun.

Guided tour with lunch in the mountains

Meet one of our guides for a hike with lunch out in the mountains. The guide takes you on a tour of the Abisko Valley and introduces you to mountain hiking and talks about the area and Abisko’s history. About halfway in, you sit down and eat your packed lunch. Packed lunches are available for purchase in the restaurant at breakfast.

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