Nuolja Offpist

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Sweden’s best kept skiing secret

Nuolja Offpist, is known as a unique mountain for off-piste skiing, with deep snow and panoramic views of Torneträsk, Lapporten and the Abisko Alps.

With its 500 meters of vertical drop there are endless possibilities to find new lines in natural mountain terrain – only your own imagination and creativity sets the limits! The chairlift is two kilometers long and takes about 20 minutes.

Offpist skiing

Skiing takes place in two zones – either inside or outside of the ski area.

Inside the ski area the ski patrol carries out daily avalanche safety work and any avalanche control when necessary. Daily information about the conditions within the ski area can be found both at the valley station and the top station. Feel free to ask the ski patrol for tips and advice. Other dangers and obstacles such as bare ground, bushes, trees, rocks, crags, sheer drops, poles, avalanche debris etc. are not marked. When the lift is closed due to opening hours, weather or technical problems, the defined ski area (see map below) is not accessible to the public as avalanche control and other work may be under way. There are exceptions on the marked ski touring trail, where you permitted to walk up and ski down even when the lift is closed.

The ski area is enclosed with poles and ropes, with several gates that allow you to enter the other zone.

Nuolja Offpist’s ski patrol do not carry out any avalanche safety work outside the ski area.
Off-piste skiing is a wonderful experience, but it places a lot of responsibility on you as a skier. Always make an assessment of the conditions based on the terrain and the current avalanche forecast. Find out the current avalanche risk outside the ski area on the Swedish avalanche forecast website. Our ski patrol is happy to answer questions regarding both skiing and current conditions.

The skiing is more intense and technical on the south side of the mountain, with icefalls, cliff drops and often a few more skiers than in other areas. The north side offers a skiing that is less steep and with more of a cruising sensation. Nuolja’s more serious runs are higher up on the north side, which can only be accessed by boot packing or skinning up. This terrain is only for the experienced off-piste skier, which also means you must think more about safety.

It can sometimes be difficult to find your way on Nuolja. The key to the mountain is to trust the transportation routes at the bottom of the north and south side of the mountain. Our transportation routes will lead you back to the valley station. Use your time on the lift to spot your run.

Offpist guiding

Join our experienced ski patrollers on a guided off-piste tour! We take you to the best snow for the day and to the finest runs. Drop-in at the ground station every day no later than 09.30 to sign up.

Offpist skiing advice

Always bring avalanche safety equipment with you (shovel, probe, transceiver) and ensure that you know how to use it.

  • Never stop directly below a slope, go to the side.
  • Remember that you may trigger an avalanche that can hit people below you. Do not go out on a steep slope if there are people below you.
  • The fact that someone has been there before you does not mean it is safe.
  • Unmarked obstacles/dangers occur in the terrain.
  • In the event of an accident it may be a long time before you receive help.

In case of an accident:
Phone Nuolja Offpist Ski Patrol first on +46 (0)70 570 39 62, or dial 112.

Avalanche work

Abisko has been Sweden’s avalanche centre since 2000, and many of Sweden’s avalanche experts have begun their journey here! The advanced avalanche safety work carried out at Nuolja guarantees that the facility’s own ski patrollers have a high level of expertise. There is always a SLAO certified ski patroller on site during the ski season.

One aspect of the ski patrollers’ work is producing avalanche forecasts and carrying out avalanche control on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, and that is a commission STF Abisko Tourist Station has had since 2002. The road and railway on the northern slope of Nuolja are the infrastructure in Sweden that is most affected by avalanches. Ski patrollers produce avalanche forecasts by analysing the snow conditions based on weather data and by digging snow profiles in the avalanche area. Avalanche control for roads and railways is carried out with the help of Sweden’s only Gazex cannon system.

Offpist map Nuolja

Opening hours

For up to date opening hours, please visit Opening hours.
For notices on changes in opening hours due to severe weather conditions, visit Nuolja Offpist.

Brief facts

Lifts: 1 (two kilometres long)
Vertical drop: 500 meters

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