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The shop Fjällboden gives you the opportunity to stock up on food and supplies for your Abisko adventure – both summer and winter. In the shop you will find a wide array of functional clothing and outdoor equipment, as well as groceries, hygiene products and souvenirs. After a trip in the Abisko Alps, you can come to our shop and buy a cookies or some cake, and a hot cup of coffee, which you can enjoy in our library in front of the open fire.

In our shop you will find a wide range of organic products. We are passionate about developing our product range in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.


In our rental, you can rent most equipment for your mountain adventures, ranging from skis, snowshoes, avalanche equipment and Nordic ice skates in the winter, to hiking boots, tents and sleeping bags in the summer. You can find our price list with an overview of what we offer for rent under this text.

If you wish to book equipment, fill out the booking form below and email it to us at If you have any further questions, please contact us via the very same email address.

Booking form

You can send a package to Abisko from any country/town, if you do so we will store the package until your arrival, but we appreciate if you try to send it so that it arrives close to your arrival date. We recommend using DHL or Postnord.
Mark the package like this:

Guest: First name, Last name
STF Abisko Turiststation
Abisko Turiststation 2
SE98107 Abisko

You should also mark the package with an estimated pickup date. When the package arrives, we will place it in our luggage room, when you arrive you can just ask a receptionist to open the luggage room and then you can pick up you package. We are not responsible for packages stored in the luggage room. If you send your package with Postnord, it might end up at Godisfabriken Supermarket, located 2 km from us, in Abisko Östra. If this happens you have to pick it up personally, if this is not done within 14 days the package will be returned to sender.

Opening hours at Fjällboden

Please visit the tab Opening hours.

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