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STF Abisko Turiststation is a facility located in the middle of a national park – which makes it even more important for us to work actively for sustainability. Abisko National Park is famous for being rich in fauna species. Here you can find lapland rosebay, polarblära (Silene Involucrata) and a variety of orchids such as the elusive forest lady and blunt-leaved orchid (Platanthera Obtusata). Here you will also find an abundant wildlife – if you are lucky you can hear the rare species of willow warbler, nordsångare (Phylloscopus Borealis), singing on the hillside or seeing forest species such as moose, capercaillie, mountain lemming or rock ptarmigan among the mountain birches. To ensure that these experiences will remain requires a commitment to reduce our own environmental impact in a long-term perspective.

We are constantly working to further develop and improve our environmental profile. Our goal is that our guests, both now and in the future, should experience unspoiled mountain scenery. Help us look after our environment!

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