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Few places in Sweden offer as easy access to nature as Abisko. Various types of mountain terrain are located close to STF Abisko Turiststation – heaths, lush birch tree woodlands and bare mountains with sparse vegetation.

Here are some suggestions on outings – some short, others longer. All of them are meant for people who want to discover Abisko National Park – on their own, or with friends.

Mountain Information

When you are in Abisko, you can stop by our Mountain Information desk manned by experienced guides who can give you suggestions about interesting tours you can take in the area. The guides can tell you about outings you can do on your own, activities you can book, or answer general questions about our mountains.

Feel free to stop by or contact us by e-mailing to:

On your own – summer

The Marble Quarry and Njakajaure Nature Trail

Walk along Kungsleden for two kilometers to the marble quarry (Marmorbrottet). The yellow-colored cliffs consist of Dolomite limestone. When up on the cliff top, turn left onto the Njakajaure Nature Trail. This nature trail goes through varying natural habitats. Black-throated divers nest at lake Njakajaure and arctic terns frequently fly over the water’s surface. Around the lake are a few clusters of pine trees. The trail back to Abisko goes partly over open mountain heaths with constant ground frost. Lapland rosebay (rhododendron lapponicum), mountain-avens (dryas octopetala) and orchids grow on these heaths.

Abiskojåkka’s canyon

Walk under the railroad track and follow the road up to the chair-lift station. Stop at the bridge and choose between going up or downstream. Downstream, the river Abiskojåkka falls into a tunnel made during the construction of the Kiruna – Narvik railroad. The gravel road, under the railway and the main road (E10) leads to the canyon’s most beautiful part. The white-throated dipper nests here and there is a wide variety of flowers, lichens and mosses growing on the hard slate and dolomite walls of the canyon.


Walk along the trail towards Kårsavagge over the Red bridge. After 600 meters the trail forks. Continue along the fork that runs parallel to the river Abiskojåkka. The trail goes through park-like birch woodlands and then, on a simple wooden bridge, over the marshes. After a while tall pines appear among the woods, and in the watershed Kårsajåkka there is a sparse virgin pine tree forest. Both capercaillie birds and squirrels run free here. In Kårsajåkka, upwards from the bridge, there are many picturesque, small waterfalls.

Rihtunjira nature trail

Follow the trail Kårsavaggeleden to Rihtunjira stream. Here, the nature trail veers off and follows the river upstream through a splendid birch forest. The upper part of the stream forms a series of waterfalls. Above the tree line, the path crosses the stream and you come to flowering heaths and meadows. The rich variety of flowers is due to lime in the soil. The path goes under the chairlift cables and then veers off steeply upwards towards STF Aurora Sky Station. Stop by, have a coffee, and enjoy the view before going down again.

Nissunjåkka suspension bridge

Walk along Kungsleden for four kilometers to a suspension bridge. This stretch of Kungsleden is quite easy and varied. About a kilometer after the marble quarry (Marmorbrottet) the trail goes down a ledge and across a small bridge. From the bridge there are features in the terrain that show several of the earlier courses of the river Nissunjåkka – some years the area is flooded by powerful spring waterflows. On the other side of the suspension bridge there is a rest area with wind protection and place for a fire.

On your own – winter

The Glider, Björkliden, Kårsavagge, Kungsleden – some of our real classics for those who want to experience the national park in wintertime!

The Glider

Take the chairlift up and then follow the X-marked trail south. Soon you will notice where the trail got its name from. You can actually slide all the way back down to the STF Abisko Turiststation.


From STF Aurora Sky Station there is a marked road west towards Björkliden. Follow it up to the pass between the tops Nuolja and Slåttatjåkka before heading down to Björkliden’s skiing system.


Inside the high mountain valley Kårsavagge there is a cozy mountain hut. Go under the railroad and along the road up to the chair-lift station. A sign-posted trail starts on the other side of a bridge. Follow the river Abiskojåkka until it goes into the valley Kårsavagge. This is a somewhat longer trip that can be combined with an overnight stay in the mountain hut, which is also manned during winters.

Kungsleden and Abisko National Park

Take a short trip to the marble quarry, Marmorbrottet, or Nissunjåkka canyon where resting places and wind shelters are available. Some people choose to go to the mountain lake Abiskojaure before returning. If you want a little variation, there are a number of trails in the national park that you can choose from on the way back.

Alpine ski-touring

The area between Abisko and Narvik offers numerous tops to climb up to with climbing skins under your skis. Please visit the website for ideas and tours.

Downhill skiing

Nuolja, Björkliden, Riksgränsen and Narvik – classic ski resorts – all of which are within an hour’s drive from STF Abisko Turiststation.

See availability and book.

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