STF Anaris Mountain cabin

Directions to STF Anaris Mountain cabin

STF Anaris is located in the eastern part of the Vålådalen mountain area. The easiest way is to start from Vallbo, about 8 km east of Vålådalen on the road between Undersåker and Vålådalen. From Vallbo it is 18 km hiking or skiing to Anaris.

If you want to take a longer mountain hike, you can continue from Anaris to STF Lunndörren and on to the other STF mountain cabins in the Vålådalen mountain area.

Car parking facilities are available in Vallbo and Vålådalen. You can also go by train to Undersåker and continue from there by bus. For more information, see

Mountain map:
Calazo mountain map Vålådalen, Lunndörren & Oviksfjällen
  • GPS-coordinates N63.089921°, E13.34027°

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