Flexible booking conditions

Booking of accommodation can be canceled with a full refund up to 7 days before arrival, alternatively until 18:00 on the day before arrival. Special conditions apply to activities. Current conditions for your selected accommodation or activity can be found under "Terms and conditions" when you get to the shopping cart in the booking flow.

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STF Blåhammaren

STF Blåhammaren is located at a high altitude in Jämtland

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Parts of the main building are torn down.

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Due to the new land lease agreement, the number of beds at Blåhammaren is being reduced. The purpose is to reduce the disturbances for the reindeer grazing in the area. Therefore we have torn down a part of the main building. The section torn down is called the lodging wing and consists of the corridor furthest to the west with a total of 12 guest rooms. We has chosen to remove this part of the building because it is in such poor condition that we would have needed to torn it down and built new if it were to continue being used. The condition of the lodging wing has been known for several years, and we have consciously chosen not to invest the members' money here as there has been uncertainty regarding the future land lease. According to the agreement, we have until 2026 to make these changes at Blåhammaren, but we have chosen to do the work in 2024 to spread out the efforts and costs over time.

Flexible booking conditions

About the accommodation

Blåhammaren is a classic stop along the Jämtland Triangle trail. With views of both Norwegian and Swedish mountains, it’s a beautiful and popular place to stay. Make sure to pre-book your stay with us to secure your spot.

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Blåhammaren is situated in the mountains of western Jämtland, at an elevation of 1,086 meters above sea level. The view is breathtaking, with Helags and Sylmassivet to the south and the Norwegian mountain range to the west. You can only reach the cabin on foot or by skis.

The classic Jämtland Triangle trail connects Sylarna, Storulvån, and Blåhammaren. The starting points are Storulvån, Rundhögen, and Storvallen. Read more at www.swedishtouristassociation.com/jamtlandtriangle

Since 2024, we no longer have a restaurant, but we offer access to a well-equipped self-catering kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and running water.

In our shop you will find snacks, sweets and a wide selection of dry goods and canned goods so that you can easily prepare a complete meal. The range corresponds to the Large range of mountain huts.
Read more on www.swedishtouristassociation.com/mountainshops
We also offer portion-packed food bags with ingredients for both breakfast and lunch/dinner. Meat and vegetarian options are available, if you want other options or special diets, you can buy them in the store.

At STF Blåhammaren, we only accept card payments.


Our service

  • Shop

    Food and equipment for outdoor activities are sold in the shop. The range of goods differs from facility to facility.

  • Pets allowed

    Some rooms are available in which pets may accompany guests.

  • Sauna

    A sauna is available.

  • WIFI

    WiFi is available in common areas and/or in bedrooms.

See availability and book.

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Contact and opening hours


STF Blåhammaren
837 71 Duved

Travel options
To get to Blåhammaren, you have to hike or ski. The nearest roads lie in Storulvån (12 km), Storvallen (14 km) or Rundhögen (10 km). All three places offer car parking.

• By train to Duved or Storlien. Connect with taxi/bus. For reservation, call 00 46 647-704 77. Travelling time to Duved and Storlien from Östersund is 2 hours, from Stockholm 10, from Gothenburg 13 and Malmö 14 hours.
• By air to Östersund. Rental car from airport and around 2 hours drive.

• By car. Take motorway E14 past Åre. After around 40 km, turn left and follow signs to the mountain lodge. The road to Storulvån follows the edge of the mountain range and is vulnerable for snowdrifts. When it is windy, contact Storulvån before beginning your journey.


N63.187081°, E12.174362°


+46 10190 24 11 blahammaren@stfturist.se

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Check-in and check-out times:

Check in (from): 14:00
Check out (to): 10:00

Opening hours

29 February - 19 April
1 July - 6 October

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  • Green key

    Green key

    The accommodation fulfills strict sustainability criteria which are being monitored every year and demand constant improvements.

  • Sustainability pledge

    Sustainability pledge

    The accommodation has taken the STF Sustainability pledge on working sustainably in their daily operations and involve you as a guest.

Read more about our sustainability work

We have made a commitment to sustainability with STF's Sustainability Pledge, and we are Green Key certified. The accommodation is heated with environmentally certified electricity, labeled with “Bra Miljöval,” meaning it comes from wind and hydro power. We are aware that we are in a sensitive environment deep in the mountains and therefore use as few chemicals as possible for laundry and cleaning. The chemicals we use are eco-labeled (and local – believe it or not!).

How can you, as a guest, help us?

One of our biggest challenges is waste. We're delighted that more people want to explore the mountains, but the trash bags are getting heavier, and transportation takes a toll on our environment. Therefore, the best thing you as a guest can do is carry your trash down from the mountain yourself.

We have waste sorting stations for you to sort your waste. Please avoid washing under running water, airing, and turning on the heaters simultaneously, conserve water, and bring your own sleeping bag liner and towel.

It is only together with you as our guest that we at STF Blåhammaren can achieve our goals of long-term sustainable tourism. Thank you for your participation, and please feel free to suggest ways we can improve our environmental efforts!

Help us make a difference

We believe that when more people discover our beautiful nature, more people will want to protect it. By being a member, you contribute to the work to influence for a more sustainable tourism and outdoor life.

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