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There is much to discover in our vicinity, talk to our staff for suggestions on day trips and other valuable tips.

Reindeer grazing area

Around Blåhammaren, you might encounter various animals, including reindeer. Hiking in the Jämtland mountains means you’re in the midst of reindeer grazing land, as we are within the territory of Handölsdalen Sami village. If you come across a reindeer, please sit down, stay calm, and enjoy the moment! According to Swedish law, your dog must always be leashed in reindeer grazing areas.

Hike the Jämtland Triangle

The classic Jämtland Triangle trail consists of accommodations at Storulvån, Blåhammaren, and Sylarna. Enjoy a delightful three-day trek passing through beautiful mountains with comfortable accommodations.

Sweden’s most beautiful sunset?

From Blåhammaren, you can experience Sweden’s perhaps most beautiful sunset, a magnificent view shifting in shades of blue, pink, orange, and red.

Our sauna with a famous view

Don’t miss our mixed-gender sauna with a magnificent view of Norway! Please inquire at the reception for the sauna’s current opening hours.

Norway trail

Blåhammaren is located near the Norwegian border, and our nearest Norwegian neighbor is Storerikvollen. The trail to Norway is a beautiful day trip. It’s 9 kilometers to the shelter at Endalen, where you can have a snack while looking out over Sylmassivet and the dramatic backside of Blåhammarkläppen.


A must-do evening excursion is to climb Blåhammarkläppen and gaze down at Enan’s meandering waters far below your feet. In good weather, you’ll have a 360-degree view of Norwegian and Swedish mountains, including Norwegian Fongen and Lake Essandsjön.

Hiking to Storlien

To the north, you’ll find Storlien and Storvallen, and the trail from Blåhammaren is 17 kilometers long. The trail descends on the barren mountain for the first 6 kilometers and then goes through the forest.

Around Blåhammaren, there are many lovely spots for swimming in the summer and day trips in both winter and summer. Please feel free to ask our staff, and we’ll gladly share our tips.

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