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Borkhult is beautifully located near the sea and forest. Several nearby nature reserves and hiking trails guarantee incredible nature experiences. The Östgötaleden hiking trail is only 6 km away. In Bruksgatan in Borkhult Old Town you can still stroll among 19th century worker houses. When the town relocated from the other side of the river in the 1800s, Lapphem was built using the left-over materials. That’s what gave the house its name (patched home).

Borkhult Lapphem's management grew up right here in town, and although we eventually moved out, we have always returned to the forests of Östergötland to find energy and inspiration. In the autumn of 2016 we finally got the chance to buy our dream house, Lapphem, and start building on our idea of a countryside culture house. The parts make up the whole, and every part is equally important. We fill the house with creativity and good food, art and music.

Our rooms and apartments are located on the second floor. Each room is individually decorated in retro style, with beautifully furnished beds, en-suite bathroom and a small kitchen.

The beautiful old cottage at the back has been lovingly preserved, and our café is located in the basement. In the summer season, we organize art exhibitions and intimate concerts in Lapphem.

As the surrounding nature offers magical experiences in all seasons, we are open year-round. Go canoing at Borken and just enjoy the silence. Go fishing, swim or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Welcome to our paradise!

Elisabet and Matilda


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