STF Enköping/Bryggholmens gård

Directions to STF Enköping/Bryggholmens gård

STF Bryggholmen Gård is on the traffic-free island of Bryggholmen, 15 kilometres south of Enköping. It’s easiest to get here by car, and leave it in the free carpark on the mainland. A scheduled boat that runs every day at 10.00 am and 4.00 pm then takes you to the island. Take the E18 out of Stockholm and turn off at a sign for “Enköping Östra”. Continue towards Enköping until you see a sign with “Vallby 9”. Turn left, and follow the road for about 10 kilometres. At a fork in the road, take the right fork, following a sign with “Bryggholmen 2”. Leave your car in the free carpark on the mainland. From the travel centre (“resecentrum”) at Enköping, take the bus to “Koffsans vägskäl”. From here, it is about 1.5 kilometres walk to the ferry.
  • GPS-coordinates N59.533211°, E17.132964°