STF Fältjägaren Mountain cabin

More about STF Fältjägaren Mountain cabin

Our mountain cabins usually do not have electricity, and mobile phone coverage often does not reach them. This means that our cabin managers do not have the facilities required to handle a modern booking system. If you have paid for accommodation in advance, you will be met by a welcoming and dedicated cabin manager who will not know about your advance payment. The manager will, naturally, ensure that you obtain the best possible accommodation.

If you provided extra information in the “Comments” field when making your booking, we will do everything in our power to inform the cabin manager of this. We hope, however, that you understand that this is not always possible. Remember to take confirmation of your prepayment with you.

The area has a very old history. There is an overnight cabin ruin from the Middle Ages at the foot of the Helags mountains. A grave from the Viking Age has also been discovered on the same trail. Two old pilgrim trails from Ljusnedal and Ljungdalen into Norway are also here. The region is also reindeer grazing grounds to the Mittådalens Sámi village. Socially structured, a Sámi village or siida is a reindeer foraging area, a group for reindeer herding and a corporation working for the economic benefit of its members all in one.

The mountain cabin lies on a barren and easily hiked high mountain plateau, and is a day’s hike between Helags Mountain Station and Mount Ramund. The area around the cabin has excellent fishing, not the least during the wintertime. Purchasing fishing permits is easiest at the cabin.

The cabin’s name comes from a military accident that killed three military soldiers. At the site, the dome-shaped Agellhyddan cabin was first built in 1945. The present cabin was built in 1965.


It is cheaper to buy the accommodation online, then when you are at the mountain cabin.