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Flexible accommodation in many forms

With us you can choose to stay in everything from simple two-bed rooms with a sink, to spacious en-suite four-bed rooms. All rooms are booked as whole rooms, which means that you always have the room to yourself with any companions you may have and you pay for as many beds as you use in the room. For some of our events there are exceptions where you can book a part of a dormitory. All en-suite rooms include a bedding package with towel, for other types of rooms you can choose to bring your own or rent them here. For those who are bringing pets, we can offer rooms in the annexe where pets are welcome in the rooms and corridors. We obviously welcome guide dogs but remember to let us know when you book so that we can find a suitable room for you and your dog.

Regardless of how you choose to stay, you have the opportunity to book full board , individual meals or to use our guest kitchen where you prepare your own meals. You have access to a fully equipped kitchen, double stoves, fridges, freezers, food preparation surfaces and plenty of seating both indoors and out on the veranda. If you are staying in the mountain station’s main building, the annexe or in a caravan you also have access to all other facilities such as the main building’s sauna, common room, play room, washing machine (for an additional charge), drying room etc.


The mountain station’s main building offers two-bed rooms in budget configuration and four-bed rooms in economy configuration, both with sinks in the room and with other facilities in the corridor. Most of the rooms in the main building are two or four-bed rooms with a standard comfort level with en-suite shower and toilet. We also have a few more spacious four-bed rooms with en-suite shower and toilet as well as space for an extra bed on the floor so that they can accommodate five people. All rooms have bunk beds, either with fixed or foldable top bunks.


All rooms in Grövlan are two-bed rooms and the rooms here are in standard configuration (with shower and toilet) or budget configuration (sink in the room, other facilities in the corridor). These rooms are somewhat bigger than the two-bed rooms in the main building and is therefore possible to fit either a cot or an extra mattress. In addition, all bottom bunks are somewhat wider than a single bed.
Feel like a master chef in our splendid guest kitchen in Grövlan. Here you have access to a fully equipped kitchen, double stoves, fridges, freezers, large food preparation surfaces and there is plenty of seating in the kitchen, dining room and common room.
If you are looking for a place for a group, a family occasion, a small conference or if you need seclusion for another reason, you can rent the entire annexe building at certain times of the year. There are a total of 22 beds in 11 two-bed rooms.


A stone’s throw from the mountain station’s main building and annexe there are spaces set up with electricity for caravans or mobile homes. The pitch includes the use of all of the mountain station’s facilities and you are of course welcome to book individual meals as well as full board. If you need a cable to connect to the power supply, we have these available for you to borrow.
You can pitch a tent for free under the Swedish right of public access and if you want to use the mountain station’s facilities, including the self-catering kitchen, shower and sauna, you can pay a service fee (SEK 200 for an adult STF member and half price for children aged 6-15 (SEK 300 for adult non-members).


We obviously welcome dogs but remember to let us know when you book so that we can find a suitable room for you and your dog.


We are able to offer a number of cabins with 4–8 beds in the nearby area for weekly bookings in the summer and winter season. For more information about the cabins visit Daniels Fjällstugor and if you want to make a booking request contact the STF reservation department at (the cabins cannot be booked online). In the price list for winter and summer you can read more about accessibility and price per cabin/week.

STF Mountain Booking office

+46 10 190 2360 Mon - Fri h 9-12


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