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Winter experiences

During the winter there are two main reasons to travel to the Grövelsjön mountains; cross-country skiing in the 100 kilometres of prepared trails and Nordic ski touring on and off marked trails. In addition to this you can also try ice fishing, snowkiting, snowshoeing and alpine ski touring. Grövelfjäll is the neighbour of our mountain station and offers alpine skiing with lifts, a tavern and equipment rental.

Cross-country skiing – Vasaloppet Centre

STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station’s location, 816 metres over sea level, protected by the mountain forest and with ski trails right outside the door, is among the best for those who like cross-country skiing. It is easy to get here as you can get right to our front door by public transport. Basing yourself her gives you access to the entire system of trails and STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station is an official Vasaloppet Centre for cross-country skiing and thus meets the requirements set by Vasaloppet.

It is possible to rent equipment, book skiing lessons, participate in skiing camps and get help with ski servicing. In winter 2020, we will be inaugurating the building Vallhalla which will further improve the service offered to skiers with a wax shop, ski storage and training facilities.

Nordic ski touring

The Swedish and Norwegian sections of the Grövelsjön mountains is one of the very best areas in Scandinavia for Nordic ski touring. Low-lying mountains make it possible to ski over the mountain peaks and enjoy 360 degree views. The border country, which consists of nine protected natural areas with about 2000 square kilometres of protected nature, means that there is limited snowmobile traffic in the area, which gives the skier a great sense of being in the wilderness.

Summer and autumn

In summer and autumn the Grövelsjön mountains offer hiking that attracts hikers both young and old. Here you can take long hikes between mountain cabins, stay in a tent, do day trips or shorter excursions to enjoy life by the campfire. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a dip in one of the many mountain lakes! When the ground is free of snow, there are lots of other activities such as running, fishing, canoeing, cycling and you can also experience Sámi culture and reindeer husbandry.


Hiking is, just like Nordic ski touring, a broad term containing everything from families with children going on excursions and playing in the nearby area to the really long adventures along all or parts of the Scandinavian Mountains. Here at STF Grövelsjön Mountain Station, we are currently offering events with a focus on both families with children and adults.


Do you, like us, love trail running and mountain running? Come stay with us and go running in the Grövelsjön mountains! Together with Runacademy, we are currently offering a running camp in August. Our mountain station is also an official Vasaloppet Centre for running.

Food & culture


Experience genuine Sámi culture! Renbiten combines reindeer husbandry with home production. There is a shop and a café and a number of Sámi experiences, including an opportunity to visit the tame reindeer.

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