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Here you can stay in a rural landscape with both grazing sheep and horses as the closest neighbours. And of course we offer a range of activities at the hostel. But for those who want to experience more we have compiled our top suggestions on things to see and do just around the corner.


STF Hagaby/Lantgården hostel has an ideal location for a hike across meadows to the sea on the east side of the island, looking at orchids or bird watching, beginning in early spring. Or for a leisurely hike, walk out to the boat houses on Kropporde a sunny morning to enjoy the tranquillity and the view over Högby lighthouse. There are several local hiking trails on the island, whether you prefer to walk along the ocean or walk on gravel roads. We offer a hiking package,  for those who want to focus on hiking.

Your hiking guide on Öland

What part should you choose to walk? Böda trail, Coast to Coast trail or Magic Forest Trails. There are a lot of options for those who like hiking. And it’s not always easy to choose. A good help on the road are the hiking book “Öland and Blå Jungfrun, hiking tours and excursions” that you can buy at the reception at the hostel. Here are several suggestions for nice hikes on Öland.


Öland is best seen by bicycle. Both Sweden and Öland bicycle-trails passes by the hostel on the old road. The fact is that you can visit both the east and west side of the island in the same day, because the island is narrowest in the north. Öland is easy cycled, and is equally suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. By bike you can reach the island’s wonderful beaches. Bring a picnic basket with locally produced goodies. Have you seen that we offer a bicycle package including accommodation?

Downloadable bike map is available on

Outdoor Activities

This is a great location for all botanists. The nature around the hostel is lovely. In spring the variety of orchids in the meadows down to the sea on the east side is fantastic.

Bird watching

The bird watching in the area is very good. It has, among others, nesting eagles and shorebirds. In addition, the nightingale is heard often in the hostels garden. Many bird watchers return year after year and lyrically talks about all the birds they have seen or heard.

Högenäs Orde nature reserve

Few places are as lovely as a nature reserve Högenäs orde a few km from the hostel. From the beacon on the ridge, you have a grand view of the glittering Baltic Sea. Högenäs Ords meadow’s offers fine orchid walks and bird life experiences in the spring.

Explore the deep forest

In Trollskogen (“Troll Forest”)there are many fine hiking options that are well worth a visit. Visitor Centre has skilled guides who are happy to show you the way. Walk out to the shipwreck Swiks or see the 900 year old magic oak tree in the forest

Sandy beach in Böda

Along the mile-long sandy Böda, you can hike for hours in peace and quiet or stop to enjoy a more intense beachlife at Böda Sands camping. But for those who prefer to take a swim closer to the hostel, the sandy beach in Hagaby is about 2 kilometers away. Other popular sand-beaches to the is Lyckesand, Fagerör and Homrevet.

Cultural experiences

Böda forest railway

Visit a museum railway in northern Öland, the Forest railway route between Fagerrör-Trollskogen in Böda Kronopark. The track is a 4.2 km long. Combine your trip to Böda forest railway with a nice walk along the beach nearby.

Källa old church

Källa old church is located five km south of the hostel. The church is from the 1100s(medieval time) and was originally built on two floors. The church is today a very popular wedding church and is well worth a visit.

Skäftekärr Iron Age village

Here you can visit an Iron Age village with reconstructions of houses, fields and immediate surroundings from the Iron Age.

Restaurant suggestions

Lammet & Grisen is a popular restaurant that offers whole roasted pig and lamb, 7 kilometers from the hostel. You will also find plenty of restaurants in Löttorp, 2,5km – including Kalk, which serves excellent gourmet burgers, Morell family restaurant serving homemade potato dumplings every Thursday and Löttorp Bykrog that has both pizzas and steak on the menu. Anyone who wants to eat in a nice evening sunset can find restaurants in Byxelkrok and Sandvik on the western side not far from the hostel.

Family friendly activities

Lådbilslandet (a park with small cars for children)is located about 2 km from the hostel and is very popular for families with younger children. Another place with many activities for families are Böda Sands campsite. There is a large adventure water-park, mini golf course and evening entertainment during the high season. Want to play mini-golf closer to home, head to Löttorp. Otherwise there is, for example, both go cart and motocross cart tracks not far away.

Courses in Hagaby Lantgården

During the season, you are welcome to Hagaby/Lantgården hostel to participate in any of the courses arranged by us, such as painting- and yoga courses, writers week and yoga. Stay up to date on our Facebook page for the latest information.

Sports activities

Ölands Golf Club has an 18-hole golf course in Källtorp, about 4 km from the hostel.

Åkerbo-badet offers both indoor and outdoor heated swimming-pool in Löttorp.

Kitesurfing is great in Hagaby. The bay is a popular destination for both wind and kite surfers.

Wreck-diving is possible on northern Öland. Click here for more information.

Fishing along the coasts of northern Öland are excellent for those who want to get sea trout.


It is free fishing throughout the year in the sea. Best season is March through May especially for trout. There is good pike fishing in Grankullaviken. The best period is the second half of August, September and October. Read more about fishing.

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