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Walk up onto Jalkedsåajja. Take a trip up onto Jalkedsåajja where you can enjoy the view over the Krusetjärnarna, Gåsen, Härjångsåsen and Stora Härjångsstöten.

Climb the peak. If you are here and the weather permits, a trip to the highest point of Helagsfjället (1797 metres above sea level) is a favourite outing. If the weather is bad, you can still enjoy hiking up onto the central plateau/”cauldron” of the massif.

View the glacier. Go towards the peak but stay in the “cauldron”. In wintertime you can get a closer look at the glacier here, and in summer you can see the glacial lakes form from melt water. When there is no snow, we also recommend that you make your way past the first lake, walk up towards the southern ridge and look down and see the imprint of humankind among all of this wild nature. There many years ago, at an elevation of about 1 500 metres, a school class started writing messages on the ground using fist-sized rocks, and since then hikers have been added their own sentences to the artwork. You are welcome to add your own sentence to the history of Helags.

Go on a pilgrimage and view the pulpit. Take the trail towards the Fältjägarstugan and after six kilometres you will cross the old pilgrimage route St. Olav’s Way. Since the Middle Ages many pilgrims have used this path to reach Nidaros, which today is called Trondheim. To the east the path goes to Ljungdalen and to the west it runs along the lake Sylsjön, through the mountain pass Skarvdörrspasset and onwards over the Norwegian border. From here you have a beautiful view over the mighty mountain the Predikstolen (The Pulpit). Some also claim the name “Helagsfjället” stems from it being called “the holy mountain” (“det Heliga fjället”).

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