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The Kebnekaise area has many exciting challenges to discover. If you like adventure, there is good climbing, either with ropes and bolts on cliff walls or bouldering, which involves free climbing on large boulder blocks down in the valley. For those who want more relaxed activities, in summer you can hike in the area and explore giant’s kettles and waterfalls and learn more about the mountains. A visit to the valley Tarfaladalen, with its majestic peaks and magical glaciers, is an experience that will live long in the memory. There are also a great many exciting peaks to ascend such as Tuolpagorni – the mountain with the crater – Kebnetjåkka and Skarta.

We have a well-stocked rental shop and you can rent most things you need for your mountain excursion in both winter and summer. We are happy to help you pack your backpack with the equipment you need!

Winter activities

Skiing, ice climbing and glacier hiking

The Kebnekaise area offers many exciting challenges for both beginners and those with more experience. If you like adventure, ice climbing, glacier hiking or wonderful ski tours should suit you. Join our knowledgeable guides on a glistening winter adventure and make your way up an ice wall or ascend one of Sweden’s highest peaks on skis and then enjoy the ride down.

A popular excursion is to ascend the southern peak of Kebnekaise, an adventurous and strenuous full-day excursion that offers the most elevated view in Sweden. There are of course also opportunities for more relaxed activities, or how about snowshoeing over untouched expanses of white or slow skiing on Nordic touring skis in beautiful Laddjuvagge?

Summer activities

Hiking, climbing and exploring

In summer and autumn there is much to discover in the area. If you are adventurous, there is climbing, either with ropes and bolts up cliff walls or bouldering, which involves free climbing on large boulder blocks down in the valley.
For more relaxed activities in summer, we can offer hiking where you can explore giant’s kettles and waterfalls and learn more about the mountains and the wilderness.

Visit the southern peak of Kebnekaise

Many people are of course attracted to ascending the southern peak of Kebnekaise, the highest point in Sweden. But there are also a great many other exciting peaks to ascend such as Tuolpagorni, the mountain with the crater, Kebnetjåkka and Skarta.

Hike to the giant’s kettles

The giant’s kettles have been formed over thousands of year by water erosion. The hike here is easy and offers a lovely view out over Ladjovagge and the peaks of Kebnekaise. This route takes you to some geologically interesting places. At the giant’s kettles, you can clearly see how the water has polished and shaped the stone slabs around Laddjujohkka into a natural work of art. On your way to the giant’s kettles you also pass Unna vare (the little mountain), where the continental ice sheet advanced and polished the stone slabs.

Distance: approximately six kilometres there and back.


Embedded deep between Tuolpagorni and Singicohkka is the beautiful waterfall Silverfallet. The water has formed a deep canyon in the narrow valley that leads into Singivagge. Surrounded by steep cliff walls and with the mountain stream rushing down far below, it is difficult not to be entranced.

Distance: eleven kilometres there and back.

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