STF Kvikkjokk Mountain station

More about STF Kvikkjokk Mountain station

The village is one of the oldest Swedish settlements in Lappland. During the 1600s, Kvikkjokk was a local metropolis and a centre for silver ore processing from the mine in Mount Alkavare in Sarek. Botanists meet close to the village, but no expert knowledge is needed to enjoy the profusion of flowers.

The delta that forms where the rivers Tarraälven and Kamajokk meet the lake Saggat invites visitors to wonderful paddling tours. Here, you can see the well-known giant elk that are attracted by the luscious pasture. It isn’t unusual further up the valley Tarradalen to come across bear tracks.

Day tours by foot go to the nearby hill Prinskullen and to Vallespiken on the border to Sarek. At 1,400 m.a.s.l., you have an unparalleled view into Sarek with the wild valley Tjuoltavagge way below your feet and the mountain Pårtetjåkka’s 2,000-metre peak to the north. To the north-east, look at the profusion of birds in the plains at Pårek, with all its meres and bogs – a must for the bird enthusiast who can consider going north of Kungsleden (Royal Trail).

Besides Kungsleden being nearby, Padjelanta Trail and Nordkalott Trail both have their southern ends here.


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