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Breakfast basket

You can eat your breakfast anytime. Your basket is in the fridge and includes home made bread, home made jam and marmelade, eggs, salami, cheese, honey, muesli, milk, yoghurt, butter, cereals, mixture of oats, coffee, tea.

Food basket

Almost all food in our food baskets is ready to eat, local and organic. You only need to heat the food and sometimes peel and boil potatoes or pasta. Water from Lugnåsberget or light beer is included, as well as coffee or tea. Please order when booking and write your menu choice in the message line. Have a nice meal!

Hot-smoked lamb Thinly sliced lamb steak from Lugnåsberget, smoked in the Lugnås Butcher, is served with horse radish and a salad of beans or pasta, red onion, apple and vinegar.

Moonlight burger Belted Galloway meat from local producer Maanskensbonden, served with bread, onion, ketchup, pickles and organic potato chips.

Lamb stew – traditional meal Boiled lamb from Lugnåsberget is served in dill sauce with boiled potatoes and carrot.

Lamb ribs with bean stew Cold grilled lamb ribs served with hot bean stew

Local sausage- traditional meal Pork and barley sausage from local Butcher served with boiled potatoes, carrot and white sauce with parsley.

Pasta & meatsauce Pasta and sauce with local minced lamb, lentils, tomato, carrot and onion

Pasta with tomato sauce (Vegetarian) Pasta is served with a tomato sauce with onion, carrot and lentils. Cheese.

Bean or Pastasalad (Vegetarian) Salad on beans or pasta, red onion, apple, feta cheese, olives and vinegar.

Bean stew (Vegetarian) Stew with beans, carrots and onion

Homemade soup (Vegetarian) Soup with tomato, lentils, onion and carrot served with homemade bread. Other soups can be available. Homemade pastries or tiny pancakes.

See availability and book.

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