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The queen of Lapland – Áhkká – is located at the other end of Lake Akkajaure. At 2,105 m.a.s.l., her peaks and glaciers reflect in the lake and leave their mark on the entire region. From the peak down to the lake, you get one of the country’s highest skiing elevations – a classic 1,500 metres of altitude.

Here, you can take a coffee at the little restaurant and purchase smoked fish. Continue two kilometres along the Padjelanta Trail to STF Akka mountain hut. If the weather is good, there is a nice place to swim with cliffs near to a stream 300 metres from the hut. If fishing is your interest, continue towards the rapids in the Vuojatätno River and try your luck (fishing permit only applies from the western shore)

The church tent at the Sámi camp in Vaisaluokta should definitely be visited. A popular church weekend is held here each year at the beginning of July.

Those searching for a real challenge can climb Mount Kallatjåkka on the Ritsem side of Lake Akkajaure – expect a very long and hard day that is rewarded during the winter with a long, pleasant ski run back down. A much easier tour is to climb up towards Stuor Sievgok north-west of the hut.


Adjustments due to the coronavirus

In order to allow us to welcome you and other guests at our mountain stations in a safe manner, we have made a number of adjustments to how we operate. These changes are necessary if we are to be able to keep the mountain stations open and we hope to have your support and understanding. In addition to STF’s general adaptations, the following applies at our mountain stations.

• We only accept guests who have booked their stay in advance.
• We have reduced the number of bookable beds in dormitory rooms in order to create more space and to ensure that bunk beds are shared only by guests from the same party. We allocate parties to different rooms as far as possible, but we cannot guarantee your party will have its own room if you have not booked this. If you want to ensure that you do not have to share a room with other guests, we recommend that you plan your stay for dates or accommodation facilities where you are able to book a whole room.
• Duvets and pillows are provided. It is obligatory to bring your own sheets and pillowcases (or to rent them) in addition to your sleeping bag, travel sheet or duvet cover for the duvets in the rooms. You will need to be able to cover all bedclothes for your own safety.
• We plan on opening the saunas at our mountain stations for the winter season. Decisions are based on the general guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency and may be subject to change. Use of the saunas will be regulated. More information will be issued before we open the mountain stations for the winter season. Before planning for the summer, we need to await any possible changes in Public Health Agency’s general guidelines and the development of the coronavirus pandemic.
• In order to prevent the spread of infection in our restaurants, we are spacing out the tables and when necessary we are dividing guests into several sittings with fewer guests per sitting. Gloves and hand sanitiser are available for all guests. When we serve buffets, there are more robust hygiene procedures, and the parties collect their food in intervals in order to prevent queues forming.
• Times for food preparation in self-catering kitchens are allocated in order to reduce crowding. Campers who have paid a service fee may use the kitchens between 09:00 and 17:30.
• The common rooms are only used by residents. The furniture has also been rearranged in order to reduce the number of seats and we have introduced a maximum capacity.
• We have more robust cleaning procedures in rooms where cleaning is included. In the rooms where you do the cleaning yourself, all cleaning products and all equipment necessary is available. All rooms are carefully inspected and cleaned after departure in order to ensure a safe stay for the next guest.
• Hygiene procedures for renting tents and sleeping bags have been improved.
• We have transitioned to card payment in order to avoid handling cash with the risk of contagion that entails.
• Guided tours and group events will be offered in both the winter and summer seasons with a focus on guided day activities and individual tours.
• You as a guest must take a large share of the responsibility for both your own routines and the procedures established by STF. Together we will make this work and make it possible for the mountain stations to remain open for both the winter and summer season of 2021.
• Thank you for helping and welcome to the mountains!



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