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More about STF Röstånga/Villa Söderåsen

Röstånga and Söderåsen offer many activities for adults, children, and the whole family. It is also a wonderful place to just be and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Villa Söderåsen B&B is a crossroads between civilization and pristine nature. When you step out from the back of the house you immediately find yourself enveloped by the national park’s undulating beech forest and breathtaking ravines, with only about a ten minute walk to Odensjön, a petite lake ensconced in a natural depression like a dark, magic mirror. Go out from the front of the house and you find yourself in Röstånga, a vibrant and creative little village featuring a café, a grocery store, restaurants, as well as an art gallery.

Villa Söderåsen’s spacious garden provides a wonderful place for relaxation, but also for playing and games. The same is true inside the house, which has been a tourist hotel since it was built in 1904.

At Villa Söderåsen B&B you book all rooms with Bed & Breakfast – made beds, towels in the room, and a delicious house breakfast featuring a number of fresh, mostly organic treats. And of course we’ll take care of cleaning the room before you leave! We have 13 guest rooms divided into different room categories. There are single, double and triple rooms as well as family rooms for four people. Bathroom & toilet can be found just outside your room. One of the larger turn-of-the-century rooms for 2-4 people has its own bathroom

The spacious guest kitchen allows families to cook at the same time. There are several grill facilities in the garden as well as on the back of the house near the forest.

Our vision is that Villa Söderåsen will not only serve as a meeting place between people and nature, but that it will also serve as a place where you can find the peace and strength to get to know yourself.

You can’t stay closer to nature.


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