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Getting to STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station is easy. First, you need to get to Kebnats, where the bus stops and there is car parking. The most suitable way to travel to Saltoluokta is by train and bus.

Night train

Night trains from Stockholm operate daily, and currently, it is VY trains that operate the Stockholm-Gällivare route. You get off at Gällivare. Make sure that your arrival matches the Ritsem bus, which runs 1-2 times per day depending on the season. If you take the train, it is best to also book the bus trip from Gällivare through the train company. The final stop is Kebnats/Saltoluokta, and if you book the trip all the way there, the train company is responsible for missed connections between trains and buses. If you only book to Gällivare, you may have to spend a night in Gällivare to take the bus the next day if there are any delays.

As a member of STF, you get a membership discount on VY trains.


During the summer, there is bus service between Gällivare and Kebnats. The bus schedule matches the arrival of the night train from the south. During the low season, the bus departs once a day, while during the high season, it departs twice a day. Bus tickets are best purchased together with the train ticket. Search for the station “Kebnats/Saltoluokta.” The bus timetable can be found here.


If you are coming by car, you take E45 and turn off along ‘Vägen Västerut’ about 6 km north of Porjus. After 78 km, you will arrive at Kebnats/Saltoluokta, where you can park your car.

Arriving in Kebnats

In winter, you follow a marked ice path with skis or take our snowmobile transpor and in summer, you take our boat M/S Langas – see info below.

Boat during Summer

Getting to STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station is easy. Your mountain adventure starts with a beautiful boat trip from Kebnats with M/S Langas which operates 2-4 times daily, depending on season. Please not that the boat ticket is not included in the accommodation or bus ticket. You pay directly at the boat or purchase your ticket online on this page. For rates and timetable please see below.

Buy the boat ticket here.

Timetable for the boat

The boat trip can accommodate up to seventy people and takes about 15 minutes. From Saltoluokta’s pier, it is then about 200 meters to walk up to the mountain station. At the M/S Langas they have a seat guarantee so you don’t have to pre-book your boat ticket, although we appreciate if you do so.

If you come by bus to Kebnats, it stops on the road a couple of hundred meters from the boat pier. We meet all arriving and departing buses according to the bus operator’s timetable. In case of late bus, we wait 15-30 minutes depending on departure. Please let us know if the bus is later than this and we’ll help you book other transportation.

One hundred meters from the Kebnats pier there free parking.

We only operate according to the timetable. For transportation outside the timetable, contact Christer Dynesius at +46 70-241 66 35 or Tobbe Öberg at +46 70-340 42 72.

Snow mobiles during Winter

To get to and from Saltoluokta in Winter, you’ll cross Lake Langas along the marked ice trail that’s about 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) long. STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station offers snowmobile transport for a fee, in line with the departure and arrival times of the bus. You must pre-book the transport by phone, email, or at the reception desk at least an hour before departure. Payment is made at the reception desk.

Snowmobile transport times match the bus timetable arrival and departure times, and will be updated at the beginning of 2024.

When snowmobiling, you should be warmly dressed and preferably wear a scarf or ski goggles to protect your face.

Prefer to ski or walk across without any baggage? No problem, as a guest at the mountain station, you can send your baggage on a snowmobile free of charge. A great way to start your stay! But remember to never deviate from the marked trail as it could be life-threatening.

For snowmobile transport to Sarek’s national park border or to the area’s cabins, contact below. Remember to book well in advance.

Laponia Adventures:
Christian Heimroth 070-260 05 37
Mirja Andersson 070-547 97 10

Christer Dynesius 070-241 66 35
Tobbe Öberg 070-340 42 72

See availability and book.

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