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There is lots to do both in summer and winter in the area around Saltoluokta. Please stop by the reception if you have questions or send an e-mail to We recommend that you always check the weather forecast before setting off and buy a packed lunch to bring with you. Map, compass, mountain skills and first aid are the bare necessities for your backpack! If you are missing anything we may be able to help you. Read more about Saltoluokta’s shop and rental facilities.

Day trips

Here are some nice day trips you can do using Saltoluokta as a base. More detailed suggestions are availablemedia in printed form and can be found by the reception where the staff will happily give you further information.

Climb Buollámtjåhkka
Buollámtjåhkka is our nearest mountain, just south-east of the station. It is a relatively easily climbed peak whose name means “the mountain that burned” in Sámi. From the top you have a nice view west over the Lule River, towards Björkudden. This is a good option in both winter and summer.

Climb Lulep Gierkav
Summer excursion. Our home mountain, 1,139 metres above sea-level, with a fantastic view of large mountains. There is a magnificent view towards Sarek, and when weather is good you can also see the Kebnekaise massifs. Beautiful views over the valley of the Lule River. Partially steep and rocky terrain. Gierkav is great for a late excursion under the midnight sun. Don’t forget to write your name in the peak book!

Pietsjaure/Bietsávvre Sámi homestead
By lake Pietsjaure/Bietsávvre, Sirges sameby (Sámi community) has a summer homestead. In summer there is a café here run by the Kuoljok family. Akke and Siv offer products including smoked char, flat bread and dried reindeer meat. There are also cabins to rent if you want to stay the night. In winter a marked trail will lead you here.

The dilapidated Sámi dwelling
A popular destination at a suitable distance for a summer outing. A nice view towards Pietsjaure/Bietsávvre and further out towards the characteristically pointy mountain Slugga. Cool your feet in the cold mountain stream, listen to the bluethroat singing and make a pot of coffee.

Lilla tallsjön
Stop here for a bit if you are passing here in summertime. Stand on the stone on the northern side of the lake and look towards the bottom of the lake. You will see the remains of a 3,000-year-old pine tree, preserved in the cold water of the bog.

Kungsleden south
In a southerly direction, Kungsleden heads towards STF’s mountain cabin Sitojaure. The flat landscape offers nice views and there is a large population of willow grouse in the valley Autsutjvagge. Moose and the wild predators lynx and wolverine can be seen in the area. There is a windbreak eight kilometres south of Saltoluokta. This is a nice route in both summer and winter.

Climb Rasek
The goal for a somewhat longer day trip. A proper ascent and a beautiful view! Nice skiing in winter. In summer you mustn’t miss the west side of Rasek with the beautiful waterfall in Rumokjokk.

The ravine
It’s not possible for traces of the Ice Age to be more visible. The deep ravine is also our border towards Stora Sjöfallet. Rough-legged buzzard, lynx and willow grouse can be found here. At the upper part of the ravine you can in summer see a large number of trapping pits. In winter, pretty icefalls form on the sides of the ravine.

The Sjöfallet tour
For groups (a minimum of 4 people) we can also guide this tour.

Useful apps
Mountain knowledge, map and compass beats everything, work in bad weather and without a battery but there are still some apps and websites that we would like to recommend:

More sites to visit in the area

Naturum Laponia
At Naturum Laponia you can learn more about Sámi culture, about reindeer husbandry in our area and about the fantastic nature in the World Heritage site Laponia. Naturum Laponia was inaugurated in 2014 and is situated in a beautiful location. It features an exhibition, a small café, a little shop and a crackling fire where you can flick through lots of exciting books. In winter you can get to Naturum by skiing along the shore of Langas – a perfect day trip with a cultural touch! You can also get there and back by bus or car in both summer and winter. Naturum is well worth a visit and is a perfect day trip for those whose legs are tired from walking.

Further up along the valley of the Lule River is the queen of the mountains. If you are staying with us for a longer period, we can only warmly recommend a trip to one of Sweden’s most high alpine environments. Take the morning bus to Ritsem and ski in the winter or take the boat in summer over Akkajaure to the cabin Akkastugan and stay overnight. The cabin has one of the most beautiful views in Sweden and a cosy sauna. The bus from Ritsem returns the next day.

Ready for a long trip?

Many people use Saltoluokta as a starting point or destination for a longer mountain trip, both in summer and winter.

Kvikkjokk – Saltoluokta is a popular route for hiking, running or skiing. You can stay comfortably in STF cabins along the way and you can also stock up on provisions at these.
If you want to make things easy for yourself, we have put together a package with accommodation at Kvikkjokk Mountain Station and in the mountain cabins as well as full-board accommodation at Saltoluokta. Read more and book here (information in Swedish).

Treparksmötet – where three parks meet – experience and hike in Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek and Padjelanta. This tour gives you the best of everything! Stay in the cabins STF Akka, Kisurisstugan, STF Kutjaure and STF Vaisaluokta and finish with a sauna and three-course meal at Saltoluokta.

See availability and book.

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