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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Saltoluokta and Laponia.

Rooms & Accomodation

How do I book?

The easiest way is to book via our website. If you want personal help you can call our colleagues at the booking service on +46 10 190 23 60 during weekdays 09.00 AM-12.00 AM. If you have questions concerning different buildings and rooms in Saltoluokta, call us during season on +46 10 190 23 50 or send an e-mail to bokningen@stfturist.se.

What type of accommodation is available at STF Saltoluokta?

At Saltoluokta we have both rooms that you can book for yourself, and beds for you who don’t mind sharing rooms with other hikers. The double rooms include sheets, towels and cleaning. In the dormitory rooms, you must bring or rent sheets, and clean up after yourself before you travel on.

In the main building there are both twin rooms and dormatory beds. Toilet you will find in the corridor, shower, sauna and kitchen you will find in the service house Nåiden. In the main building there is also our finest room, the “suite” Sirkas, with its own shower and toilet and a fantastic view of Stora Sjöfallet.

In the building Laponia there are modern double rooms and one four bed-room, some with shower and toilet in the room, some with shower and toilet in the corridor. Sheets, towels and cleaning are always included.

You will find simpler accommodation in the three other houses: Kirkau, Gamla station and Förarstugan. Here you pay per bed, and you may be joined. In Kirkau there is a toilet, shower and kitchen. For those who live in Gamla station and Förarstugan, there is a shower, toilet and kitchen in the service house Nåiden. In Gamla station and Förarstugan you can also bring a dog.

What benefits do I receive as a member of STF?

In addition to a SEK 100 per night discount on your accommodation we also have members’ prices for the boat M/S Langas. We also have a range of members’ offers in the shop, so keep a lookout for those!

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is from 14:00 and check-out no later than 10:00.

Are there duvets and pillows in the rooms?

Yes. Linen and towels are only included in our twin rooms in the Laponia annex, as well as the twin rooms in the Main Building. If you live in a room where sheets are not included, you need to bring your own, or rent on site. You will need a bed sheet and a pillowcase, and a travel sheet or sleeping bag. You need to be able to cover all bedding. All beds have duvets and pillows.

Do I need to book a room in advance?

Book in advance to make sure to get a room or a bed. If you book well in advance, it is also more likely that you will get accommodation at the standard and price you want.

Do I need to share a room?

It depends on what type of room you have booked. If you want to ensure you get a room to yourself, we recommend you book in advance.

Is there a cot I can borrow?

Yes, we have cots, bedding is included and does not cost extra. Please book in advance to ensure you get one as we have a limited number.

Is there a drying room?

Yes, there are drying rooms in Laponia, Kierkau and the service building Nåiden where you can dry your clothes after having spent a day in the mountains.

When is the station open?

We are open for the winter season from the end of February to the middle of April. During the summer season, we are open from the middle of June to the middle of September.

What times are the reception and shop open?

The opening hours of the reception and shop may vary. For exact opening hours, phone the reception on +46 10 190 23 50.

Can I pay by card?

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and Amex at all our mountain stations in Lapland. We do not accept Diners. We do not accept cash.

What can I find in the Saltoluokta shop?

The Saltoluokta shop has a varied range of food – both fresh and dry food – as well as some outdoor kit. You can find most things you need for a mountain excursion. We have maps, mosquito repellent, mosquito hats, as well as gas and spirits for camping stoves. Please get in touch in advance if there is something in particular you are after.

What can I find in your rental shop?

In our rental shop, you can find most things you need for your mountain excursion, from snowshoes, touring skis, boots and poles to backpacks, camping stoves, tents and sleeping bags. We also rent kayaks for those who want to explore the area from another point of view.

Can I pre-book my equipment?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. That way, you can ensure to get what you want for your excursion. Please visit our rental site where you find a form for rental inquiries

Food & Drinks

What can I find in the breakfast buffet?

Our organic breakfast buffet contains a great deal of yummy things such as sour milk, yoghurt, porridge, various cereals, home-made bread with lots of different toppings, eggs, juice, coffee and tea.

What is included in the packed lunch?

You make as many sandwiches as you want from the breakfast buffet and also get a piece of fruit and a bag of “jägarsnus” (raisins, peanuts and chocolate). You can then choose between different soups, coffee, tea and chocolate powder if you bring a thermos with you. Hand in the thermos the night before and we will make sure it if filled with hot water in the morning before you head out.

Can I get dinner at STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station?

We serve a 1-dish or 2-dishes dinner each night. Special diet? No problems, we can make you something as long as you notify us in advance.

Do I need to pre-book meals?

We recommend that you book all meals in advance as it might get full. The most important is dinner, which must be booked before 15:00 the same day.

Can I prepare my own food?

We have a well-equipped self-catering kitchen in our service building Nåjden where you can make your own food. There is also a fridge where you can store food during your stay. Remember to label the food with your room number and departure date.

Are there high chairs in the restaurant?

Yes, there are high chairs you can use.

Are there kids’ meals in the restaurant?

Unfortunately, we only offer the ordinary dinner for both children and adults. If you do not wish to eat that much food, you can buy food in our shop and prepare it yourself in the self-catering kitchen.


How do I book my ticket to Saltoluokta?

If you are taking the train, it is strongly advisable to also book the bus journey from Gällivare via the train company. The final stop is called Kebnats and if you book your journey all the way there, the train company is responsible for missed connections between the train and bus. If you only book the train to Gällivare, you may need to spend a night in Gällivare and take the bus the next day.

When is the bus to/from Gällivare-Saltoluokta?

During the season, the bus leaves Gällivare daily. You get off at the Kebnats bus stop. Please visit Road to Ritsem for more information.

When is the boat M/S Langas to/from Kebnats-Saltoluokta?

In the summer, to reach Saltoluokta from the north, you must travel by boat. The boat departs three times per day during the high season and twice during the off-season. All departures are timed to coincide with the buses to and from Gällivare. The timetable will be updated in the spring of 2024.

How does the snowmobile transport between Saltoluokta and Kebnats work?

In order to travel to and from Saltoluokta during winter, you must go across lake Langas along the marked ice trail. This is approximately 4 km long. STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station offers snowmobile transport in conjunction with the arrival and departure of the bus. This transport must be booked in advance by contacting the reception. The rate one-way is 160 SEK for members and 210 SEK for non-members.

When travelling by snowmobile you should wear warm clothes and, preferably,  use a scarf or ski goggles to protect your face. You may also ski or walk along the ice trail, but remember that you must never deviate from the marked trail.

Will the snowmobile meet the bus, even if it is late?


Can I get picked up in Kebnats after scheduled sailings?

We do not drive our own extras, but if time permits, our neighbors at Langas Camp in Björkudden can drive a boat taxi.

Can I get a ride with a snowmobile to the boundary of Sarek National Park?

Snowmobile rides can be ordered from Christer Dynesius +46 70-241 66 35, Tobbe Öberg +46 70-340 42 72 and Christian Heimroth +46 70-260 05 37.

Other services

Can I bring my dog to Saltoluokta?

Yes, it’s okay to bring the dog for an additional fee. We have rooms in the cabins Gamla Station, Förarstugan and the building Kieraku where pets are allowed. We recommend that you book your accommodation in advance if you are bringing your dog as we have a limited number of rooms in which dogs are allowed.

Please bear in mind that Saltoluokta borders on the Stora Sjöfallet National Park. Dogs are not permitted in the national park between 1 May and 1 January. Between 1 January and 30 April you can bring your dog into the national park if it is kept on a leash. You can bring your dog with you along the Kungsleden trail and on many other fine day trips around the mountain station. Please ask at reception for advice about day trips.

Is my dog allowed in public spaces?

No, you cannot bring your dog into the station out of consideration for people with allergies.

Do you have WiFi?

We have free WiFi in public areas in the main building and Laponia.

Where can I park my car?

You can park the car at Kebnats where the boat departs. Parking is free.

Do you have a caravan campsite?

Caravan camping is not allowed in the car park at Kebnats. The closest campsite can be found at Stora Sjöfallet.

We are hiking/skiing the Kings trail or Green/White ribbon and wants to send a food package to you to pick up when we pass by, is that ok?

Yes, but keep in mind that: We have a store in Saltoluokta where you can refill your pantry. If you still need to send packages, use Bussgods in the first place, in the second place with ordinary postal service. Other courier companies do not deliver to us and must be picked up by you personally in Gällivare 150km away. The address is SaltoluoktaFjällstation, 98299 Gällivare. Always write your name and estimated date of arrival clearly on the box. If you send with Postnord, you may need to order a rural letter carrier when the package is available at the postal agent in Gällivare.

We charge SEK 200 for package handling and SEK 100 extra if the package is to be returned. You solve delivery labels yourself and send them to us.

NOTE! Packages that have not been picked up or requested to be returned within one month after the expected arrival date (or before the season closing) will be opened and the contents will be donated / thrown away.

Can I leave my luggage with you?

Yes, you may. The following prices apply to storage and any luggage handling.
• If you are staying at the mountain station and picking up/leaving your bag yourself it is free of charge.
• If you send the bag to us or want us to hand it to you at the bus, the cost for storage and handling is SEK 100. Payment is made in the reception when you get your luggage.

The mountains

What are the distances between cabins and stations?

The trails in Lapland are generally 10–20 km long, some are shorter and some are longer. Saltoluokta–Sitojaure 20 km, Sitojaure–Aktse 9 km, Aktse–Pårte 24 km, Pårte–Kvikkjokk 16 km, Vakkotavare–Teusajaure 14 km, Teusajaure–Kaitumjaure 9 km, Kaitumjaure–Singi 13 km, Singi–Kebnekaise 14 km, Kebnekaise–Nikkaluokta 19 km.

Do you sell maps of the area?

We sell maps in our shop and if you do not have a compass we sell those as well!

Can I get a mobile phone signal?

The Telia, Tele2 and Telenor networks provides full coverage in Saltoluokta. There is no signal on Kungsleden between Vakkotavare and Kebnekaise, nor between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk or in Sarek National Park. Therefore, be prepared to not be able to make a phone call wherever you are, not even with Telia. Other network operators have worse or no coverage. There are emergency telephones in all cabins, but they may only be used in actual emergencies.

Is it possible to pre-book beds in the mountain cabins?

The mountain cabins cannot be booked in advance. However, everyone who turns up will be offered a roof over their heads, regardless of whether it is full!

What is the weather like?

Variable. For a more detailed weather forecast please see www.yr.no and www.smhi.se. It is important to remember that the weather in the mountains can change very rapidly; one minute it may be sunny, only for a snow storm to develop the next. Pack your backpack for all kinds of weather.

Am I allowed to pitch a tent?

Of course! You can pitch a tent wherever you want along the trails as long as you leave the place in the same condition you found it. If you want to camp near the mountain cabins and use the services there, you pay a service charge. This gives you access to an outside lavatory, self-catering kitchen and you can also dispose of waste. You can also use the sauna in those cabins that have one!

Is it possible to fish around Saltoluokta?

There are several fishing areas around Saltoluokta. In our shop we sell fishing licences and maps of fishing areas. For more information on fishing, see www.lansstyrelsen.se/norrbotten

Do you have further questions? Call us on +46 10 190 23 50. Welcome!

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