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There is a lot to do and explore all year round in Saltoluokta. Feel free to step by our front desk or send and e-mail to if you need any suggestions for your stay.

We always recommend that you check the weather before heading out and don’t forget to buy a lunch package. Trailmap, compass, knowledge and a first aid kit is a minimum in your daypack. If you miss something we may be able to help you. Read more about our store and rental.


We have put together some trail information and tips on daytours to do on your own around Saltoluokta. More information will be found in the reception and our staff is glad to help you. Please observe that it is prohibited to bring dogs in the national parks of Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek and Padjelanta during the summer season. 1 st of January to 30th of April you can bring a dog on leach.

The Sami village at the lake Pietsjaure/ Bietsávvre is a nice place to visit. Summertime the family Kuoljok runs a café. Akke and Siv sells smoked fish, fresh bread and dried reindeer meat. They also have cabins for rent. Wintertime the lake is a paradise for fishing. With a bit of luck you will catch a big char with the beautiful red belly.

The ravine/Áhusjgårsså
Tracks from the latest ice-age are very clear in this part. The deep canyon is also the border to the National Park Stora Sjöfallet. Rough-legged Buzzard, Lynx and Willow Ptarmigan is often seen in the canyon. Summertime at the top of the canyon one can see old holes made for catching wild animals. Wintertime ice falls grows large on the sides of the canyon.

The Kings Trail
The Kungsleden trail turns south towards the next STF cabin in Sitojaure. The trail is easy to follow and the landscape offers a nice view over the valley and mountains. In the valley Autsutjvagge there are a lot of Willow Ptarmigan. Moose and the predators lynx and wolverine are also seen here. 9 km south of Saltoluokta there’s a wind shelter.

Buollámtjåkkå is the mountain that is closest to Saltoluokta and an easy walk to the top with a beautiful view over the valley. The name of the mountain in Samish is ”the mountain that burned”. Good daytour both summer and winter.

Lulep Gierkav
Summertour. Our own mountain 1139 metres above sea level with a fantastic view over vast mountain areas. Magnificent view towards Sarek, in clear weather conditions you can see all the way to the Kebnekaise mountains. Nice view over the valley. The path is somewhat rocky and steep to go up. Make a night hike to Gierkav under the midnight sun. Don´t forget to write your name in the guest book at the peak.

Knowledge, map and compass beats most technology and works eaven without battery but there are some good apps out there that we would like to recommend:

Norrbotten Nature Map is the County Administrative Boards app for hikers and nature lovers, with a guide to the state trail system and the National Parks in Norrbotten County. In example you find information about the King’s Trail here. It is possible to download content to use in offline mode.

Mountain maps from Calazo

SMHI weather app gives 10-day forecasts, diagrams, warnings and more for where you are.

Naturum Laponia
Naturum Laponia is a visitor centre in Laponia where you can find out more about the Laponia World Heritage Site. Get to know the mountains, the forest and the wetlands. Follow the changing seasons and gain insight into why the reindeer is central to Sámi culture. Naturum Laponia have exhibitions, a small café, guided tours, a reading corner, children’s activities and a souvenir shop.

Further on the way west you find the ”Queen of the Mountains” – the mountain Ahkka. Experience one of Swedens most high alpine environments. Take the bus to Ritsem and head for the STF mountain hut in Akka. In the winter you can go by skis or snow shoes over the lake and in summer you can take the boat M/S Storlule. Enjoy a hot sauna and one of Swedens most beautiful views. The next day you can take the bus back to us from Ritsem.

Many people start or finish their hike or ski expedition at Saltoluokta. There are many different routes to take. To go in to Sarek National Park summer or winter we recommend that you have a good amount of previous experince.

Kvikkjokk – Saltoluokta or the other way around is one of the most popular hikes both summer and winter. You can stay in huts along the way and also buy extra food and supplies in some of them.

This tour is also possible to buy as a selfguided package both summer and winter:

Saltoluokta – Kvikkjokk, summer
Saltoluokta – Kvikkjokk, winter

Laponia Circuit – experience three of Swedens big National Parks. On this tour you get to see both Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke, Padjelanta/Badjelánnda and Sarek. Stay in the huts STF Akka, Kisuris, STF Kutjaure and STF Vaisaluokta and finish at STF Saltoluokta with sauna and our famous three-course menu.

If you want to make it easy we have put together a Laponia Circuit package (summertime) with lodging in the mountain huts and bed, dinner and breakfast at Saltoluokta the last night. Read more and book here.

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