STF Serve Mountain cabin

More about STF Serve Mountain cabin

This mountain cabin accepts payment by card but also bring some cash with you on your hike. Telecommunications do not always work in the mountains.
The location on the slope means that you have a nice view towards Aigert and the marsh at Tjul to the east. If you arrive at the beginning of August, it might be worth keeping an eye open and bucket ready for the gold of northern Sweden – cloudberry.
Easiest way here is to order a boat taxi from Ammarnäs over Tjul marsh. After, on a few kilometres remain up the mountain cabin.
This is how it works in a mountain cabin
Our mountain cabins offer a simple and authentic stay in multi-bedded rooms with self catering. The rooms are different sizes with bunk beds and usually heated by gas stoves. On site you will be greeted by a cabin manager. As a guest you chop wood, fetch water from the stream or lake, wash up and clean up after youself.
Here we have gathered all the information you need for a stay in one of our mountain cabins


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