STF Stora Karlsö Hostel

More about STF Stora Karlsö Hostel

This remarkable island can be likened to a tree trunk with its yearly rings: it tells a story of all the different ages and epochs of Gotland

You will be absorbed in the fascinating cultural history and ancient relics from the Stone Age to modern times. The island has been declared a national interest site and is the world’s second oldest protected natural area, with rich birdlife and unique orchid fields. Come here to find peace and calm. There are no permanent residents on the island, but many visitors choose to stay overnight.

The hostel on Stora Karlsö was named Hostel of the Year in 2003 by STF members. The facility consists of a number of residences in Norderhamn, Hien and Bergshyddan, situated right by the water and with laundry facilities and toilets but no showers. There are bathing platforms in Hien and Norderhamn.


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