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The accommodation’s home page: STF Storulvån Mountain station

There are a great many nice tours for all seasons in the area around Storulvån. They are also perfect for a day trip – on this page we share our favourite excursions.

All times and distances are stated for the round trip there and back to Storulvån Mountain Station. Naturally, the time a route will take depends on the individual so remember that the times listed are approximate. The idea is to make it easier for you to make an assessment based on your own ability and pace. Have a fantastic day out!

The climbing wall

In the middle of the mountain station you can see a 12.5 metre-high natural rock wall that stretches from the floor on the ground floor up to the ceiling of the third floor. This is northern Europe’s highest natural rock climbing wall. If you have the Green Card approved by the Swedish Climbing Association you are welcome to climb on your own. Bookings are made at the front desk. Please note that climbing is at your own risk.

Summer excursions around Storulvån Mountain Station

In summer there is lots to discover around Storulvån. In addition to fantastic views, there is rich flora, remnants of the Ice Age and a vibrant Sámi culture. Those who are interested in fishing will find some ponds with trout, and in autumn the birch woodlands in the valleys are full of wild mushrooms. We normally estimate that an hour’s walk will take you three kilometres (with added time for breaks) when it comes to hiking. Many of the suggested routes can be adapted interminably – it is best to use a map and choose which route you want to take.


One of all the lovely routes in the area takes between five and seven hours and starts a few kilometres north along the road. From there, follow the Sönner-Tvärån valley uphill and west along the stream until you come up between Getryggen and Sönner Tväråklumpen. From there you join the marked trail north towards the windbreak at Snasahögarna. A magically beautiful bathing pond awaits you here.

Onwards you can either go around the north side of Sönner-Tväråklumpen and cross the pass between Tväråklumparna – Sönner and Norder and then back towards Storulvån. You can also choose to continue north from the windbreak and aim for one of the peaks Lillsnasen or Storsnasen, before heading home again.

All the peaks in the area are nice, uncomplicated destinations. And with a little bit of imagination, you can easily plan your own full-day excursion in the area. The views stretch from the mountains on the Norwegian border to Skäckerfjällen in the north, Åre and Vålådalen Nature Reserve in the east to Helags and Sylarna in the south. Stage length / time: 10–25 kilometres / Full-day excursions.

Storulvån’s outlet into Handölan, 1.5 kilometres/30 minutes

A short walk to stretch your legs down to the old ford by the river Handölan. You start at the back of the mountain station and follow the gravel road down past the sewage-treatment plant. After about 400 metres you reach a path that goes all the way down to Handölan. There are several nice barbecue and camping spots along the way. You take the same route back to the station.

Lillulvån’s outlet into Handölan, 3-5 kilometres/1-2 hours

An hour-long walk that runs along Storulvån and Handölan. During the hike you have the opportunity to train your botanical knowledge. Several species grow here including sundew and moor-king lousewort. You start by crossing the bridge behind the mountain station and then follow the old hiking trail towards Gåsen. After about 1.5–2 kilometres you arrive at the spot where the bridge over Handölan once stood, it was destroyed by the spring flood of 2016. The same path takes you back to the mountain station. In order to reach the mouth of Lillulvån, you turn off the trail just before the “stair” down towards the suspension bridge. A small anonymous path then runs straight ahead instead. Follow the path that runs parallel to Handölan until you reach the mouth of Lillulvån. Take the same path back.

Windbreak at Ulvåtjärn, 12 kilometres/3-5 hours

Ulvåtjärn offers trout fishing and on warm days a refreshing swim. You can either choose the summer trail towards Blåhammaren alongside the Storulvåfjället or the path without cairns along Getryggen, from which you then traverse down towards the windbreak at Ulvåtjärn. The lake is a few hundred metres south of the windbreak. On the way back, it is pleasant to follow Storulvån, which runs through an almost park-like forest of downy birch and passes ravines, ridges and the odd sandy stretch of river bank.

The peak of Storulvåfjället, approximately 1,071 metres above sea level, 9 kilometres/4-5 hours

An easy hike that takes you up to a higher altitude, where you are able to experience the expansive views from the mountain and very clear traces of the last ice age. From the top you have a great view towards Sylarna, Helags and the Storulvån valley and the mountains on the Norwegian border. Follow the trail towards Sylarna/Blåhammaren for approximately 2 km. Where the trail forks, there is a pretty outlook hill. After heading down towards Blåhammaren for approximately 100 metres, a little path turns up towards the plateau at the peak. Return to Storulvån Mountain Station by the same route. If you want to walk a bit further and are comfortable walking without following trails using a map and compass, you can follow the plateau of Storulvåfjället down towards the cabin/windbreak at Spåjme, which is half-way between the mountain stations at Storulvån and Sylarna. From there follow the trail back to Storulvån, which is approximately six kilometres.

Blomsterstigen/Getryggen, 1,382 metres above sea-level, 5-6 kilometres/3-4 hours

The flora on our nearest mountain is very rich and varied. That’s why we have marked a floral path from the mountain station that follows the path that leads to the peak of Getryggen up to a height of 1,200 metres above sea level. If you want to continue up to the peak after the path ends, you just walk straight up through the depression or you walk a few hundred metres north and follow the distinct ridge up towards the plateau at the peak. The peak (the most easterly), which can be seen from the station, is a few metres below the real peak and is sometimes referred to as the “tourist peak”. The view from the peaks is magnificent in all directions.

Winter excursions around Storulvån Mountain Station

Naturally, Storulvån is magical in winter too – here are some suggested ski trails. Naturally, the time a route will take depends on the individual so remember that the times listed are approximate. It is normally estimated that three kilometres takes one hour at normal skiing pace. Have a good ski!

Around Getryggen (outside of trails)

Getryggen may seem easy and pretty round when viewed from the station, but its backside will soon reveal why it is called “the goat back”! Aim for the peak of Getryggen from Storulvån. When you cross the tree line, turn left and follow Getryggen at your chosen elevation.

When you round it in a northerly direction you enter the pass between “Geten” and Sönner-Tväråklumpen, an incredibly beautiful valley opens up, framed by the steep north face of Getryggen. Follow the valley down to the road or turn off and stay higher on Getryggen and Getsadeln so that you can glide almost the whole way back without any effort. Stage length / time: 10–12 km / 5–8 hours.

A tour in the park

Follow Storulvån upstream and choose your own path between all the hills and depressions. Here you can find your own playground and develop your skiing technique in peace and quiet. How much speed do you dare carry downhill? Build a jump or a sun pit and have a relaxing day away from the mountain wind.


Follow the trail towards Gåsen, when you come to the bridge over Handölan follow the river upstream. At the mouth of Lillulvån, follow it up to the winter trail towards Sylarna. There you can take the trail back to us at Storulvån Mountain Station. Stage length / time: 7 km / 2 hours.
Windbreak at Ulvåtjärn (830 metres above sea level)

An easy trip that follows the trail towards Blåhammaren. After 6 kilometres you reach the windbreak at Ulvåtjärn, which is on a plateau before the ascent to Blåhammaren begins. There is a lovely view here towards the impressive Syl massif in the south. Stop for a coffee in the windbreak or dig a sun pit at the edge of the river. On the way back, it is a good idea to follow Storulvån, a beautiful watercourse that passes an almost park-like birch forest and beautiful formations in the terrain. Stage length / time: 12 km / 3–4 hours.

Around Storulvåfjället

A beautiful and varied route that is partially off of the trail. Follow the winter trail towards Ulvåtjärn, once up on the wide plateau it is a good idea to stay high and start going around Storulvåfjället. When you have come round to the south side of the mountain, go down into the valley through which the stream Lillulvån meanders.

Find your way along the stream until you get to the bridge over Lillulvån, the winter trail from Sylarna is a bit below the bridge, follow it back home to Storulvån Mountain Station. Along Lillulvån there are many suitable spots where you can find shelter from the wind and get some well-needed rest before continuing homeward again. Stage length / time: 5 km / 5–6 hours.

Go alpine ski touring

Storulvån is just by the foot of Snasahögarna, which offers several of Sweden’s best and most accessible off-piste skiing routes. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent telemark packages, touring skis and climbing skins in our rental shop. With climbing skins under your skis, you can easily get up the slopes to the top and have an exciting ski down. The hard work on the way up is paid off when you see the view and do the fun ski down. The staff at the rental shop and the reception are happy to help you with information on good peaks, route choices and safety equipment. Please contact us for more information!

Hike the Jämtland Triangle on your own

Experience the accessible and beautiful Jämtland Triangle during your stay with us. Hike through the mountain birch forest up above the tree-line. A hike that takes you along classic hiking trails with a view out over the beautiful mountain silhouettes. With a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and camping stove, you can manage a multi-day hike without trouble.
If you would like to stay and hike comfortably with accommodation and food included, you can read more about our packages for hiking on your own here.

Hiking with a tent and your own equipment doesn’t cost a thing.

If you would like to make use of the indoor facilities such as toilets and kitchens during your hike, you can pay the service fee at the mountain stations. If you don’t want to carry food with you, there are shops in all of STF’s mountain stations.

The sections of the Jämtland Triangle

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Talk to our staff for more tips or if you have any questions. Look at a map to better understand the route descriptions. We always recommend map and compass as standard equipment, regardless of the length of your hike. Our shop is available if you need to stock up on anything.

See availability and book.

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