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Sylarna is a magical and unique place in the middle of a fantastic natural environment. The mountain stream ripples and the wind blows along the steep sides of the Tempeldalen valley. Being in this unique place means that sustainability is a core value for us and permeates everything we do.

The restaurant is based on organic and KRAV-labelled products for biodiversity. The meat we serve is game, but we promote vegetarian options, which are always available, every day of the year. Our vision is for there to be no food waste at Sylarna. We do everything we can to reduce our transportation requirements and we therefore stock up on all goods in winter.

You can get to us with the convenient night train from anywhere in Sweden. The mountains is one of the places where climate change is being noticed fastest. We encourage all our guests to travel here by train or to car-pool in order to reduce their climate impact. We try to make our food transportation as efficient as possible.


Sylarna’s restaurant is based, to an as great extent as possible, on KRAV-labelled, organic and locally produced food. Vegetarian food is an obvious choice for us. We always serve a vegetarian option for dinner. The meat served is game.

In the summer months, food is transported to us by helicopter. In winter we fill our large freezers and stock up on dry goods so that we do not need to fly in anything other than fresh produce in summer. Sylarna’s kitchen tries to minimise the amount of fresh produce it uses. We primarily choose vegetables with a long shelf-life in order to avoid having to fly in vegetables regularly. Our breakfast buffet therefore contains our own pickled cucumber and sprouts instead of fresh vegetables.

Food waste
Food waste is an area we are constantly working to improve. Our vision is for there to be no food waste at Sylarna. We find it very important to talk about food waste in order to create increased awareness among both staff and guests. By measuring our food waste daily we can monitor our efforts to improve. We always try to make use of all the food we prepare – if there is food left over in the kitchen after making dinner, it is used to make boxed meals for the restaurant.

You are warmly invited to enjoy the unique mountain environment and let us preserve it for future generations.

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