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STF Vaisaluokta Mountain cabin

STF Vaisaluokta Mountain cabin

The mountain cabin lies of the shores of Akkajaure on the Nordkalott hiking trail. It offers a limitless view across Akkajaure and the mountains on the other side. Travel here from Ritsem on the STF boat m/s Storlule, or hike in from the south from Padjelanta.

  • E-mail address:
  • Number of beds: 11-25
  • Opening hours: 2018: 2/3-1/5, 29/6-9/9
  • Breakfast: No breakfast
  • Restaurant: No restaurant

Our services

  • Cash only
  • Pets allowed
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  • Cash only

    Cash only

  • Pets allowed

    Some rooms are available in which pets may accompany guests

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