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The cabin was built as long ago as 1897, and is known for its unique architecture and characteristic surroundings. The walls are of heavy timbers, and the cabin has large and imposing fireplaces. The interior design reminds one of an older period of country life, inspiring dreams of a time now gone. A stay at the hostel and a period spent in the magnificent natural world here are enough to make an impression on even the most experienced mountain visitors.

Opportunities for hiking from Storerikvollen are excellent in both summer and winter. In addition, the hostel is part of the popular “Firkanten” route, open throughout the year, between the STF Blåhammaren mountainstation (Sweden), Storerikvollen and Nedalshytta (both in Norway) and the STF Sylarna mountain station (back in Sweden).

Personnel are stationed at Storerikvollen during the Easter period and the summer season. The hostel has 65 beds in 4-bedded rooms, and additional large rooms can be used to accommodate many visitors. Showers have been installed at the hostel. A three-course dinner and breakfast are served for overnight guests. The hostel sells beer and wine, and a kiosk sells a variety of goods. When personnel are not at the hostel, self-service overnight accommodation is available in a smaller building (16 beds). This is locked with a special key available from DNT when the hostel is unmanned.

Dates open in 2017
31 March-23 April and 23 June-17 September

Year-round routes
A total of 760 km of permanently marked winter trails is available in the Sylan region, 310 km on the Norwegian side of the border, and 450 km on the Swedish side. This is probably the longest contiguous network of permanently marked winter trails in the world. These take you into the heart of the mountain realm and give access to around 20 cabins.

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