Faq about STF Hajka

What is STF Hajka?
STF Hajka is a matching service for discovery in which you search for activities you want to try out, or register as a leader for an activity you want others to discover. If the particular activity you are looking for is not listed in Hajka, it is possible to register a request and browse among requests made by others.

Why has STF started the Hajka service?
STF Hajka is one component of STF’s striving to make the countryside more readily accessible to more people. The right of public access gives everyone the right to roam pretty much freely in the countryside. And you’re allowed to do pretty much anything: fish, sleep, swim, climb, pick mushrooms, sunbathe… But this doesn’t mean that you feel able to do these things. Today, there are many social and cultural obstacles that limit people in Sweden and prevent them discovering the Swedish countryside. STF has helped people to discover Sweden for more than 130 years, and we want to use Hajka to inspire even more people to discover, together.

What is the purpose of STF Hajka?
STF Hajka is intended to be a user-generated platform that creates meetings between people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives – and that reduces the obstacles to discovering the Swedish countryside.

STF Hajka is intended to be a user-generated platform that creates meetings between people with different backgrounds and experiences – and that reduces the obstacles to discovering the Swedish countryside.

How do you make this possible?
By offering an easy-to-use platform, networks and a forum for collaboration, STF wants to create an activity platform that gives organisers (individuals and people involved in voluntary associations) access to important target groups to which they do not otherwise have access. In the same way, participants will gain access to activities and networks for which the thresholds are low.

Who are the intended users of STF Hajka?
STF Hajka is in no way restricted to STF members, but is intended for use by anyone with a healthy dose of curiosity. We aim to reach not only those who are curious about the natural world, but also those who cannot or are unwilling to act on their own. We aim to reach also those who want to introduce an activity to others.

Who can lead a Hajka activity?
We are looking for people who are good at something, or who love something deeply. It could be parkour, mushroom picking or ice climbing. What is important is that the person wants to share his or her interest with others. We expect our leaders to view themselves as ambassadors for their own particular interest. In order to increase the safety and security of a Hajka experience, we request that anyone who organises an activity is accompanied by at least one other leader.

What does a leader commit to?
A Hajka activity can take place once. Or many times. It is carried out as a voluntary activity. Thus, a leader does not commit to being a Hajka leader more than on the particular occasion of the activity. But we want, quite simply, Hajka to reduce thresholds by enabling a person who feels at home in the natural world to introduce it to new people, sharing his or her knowledge. We hope that STF Hajka will create a renewal of interest in outdoor activities and increase knowledge among new groups.

Who can register as participant in a Hajka activity?
Anyone who is curious about an outdoor activity and who is currently unable or unwilling to get out and try it can register for a Hajka activity.

Why is it so important that more people spend time in the countryside?
Sweden is proud possessor not only of the right of public access but also a magnificent landscape. Despite this, ever-fewer people living in Sweden have a relationship with the natural world. There are many who have never been able to, never had the necessary courage or never had the necessary knowledge to get out and experience it. The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) wants to change this.

Is there a risk that only those who already appreciate the countryside register?
We will make an effort to ensure that this is not the case, by directing out communication to groups who are currently not active outdoors.

Where can a Hajka activity be carried out?
It is extremely important for us that Hajka does not become a project that is restricted to a few locations. We will for this reason work actively to attract organisers and participants from all over Sweden.

How will STF ensure that it is safe to participate in a Hajka activity?
Hajka is a matching service provided by the Swedish Tourist Association. Activities that are created within the platform do not take place under the auspices of the Swedish Tourist Association, nor are they the responsibility of the Swedish Tourist Association. The principal organisers who create an activity are responsible for the activity. As a participant in an activity, you must yourself check with the organiser about the details of the activity. It is better to ask too many questions than too few.

Who is responsible for the activities that are carried out within the framework of Hajka?
STF is not responsible for any injuries that arise in association with an activity. Injuries in association with leisure activities are normally covered by a standard home insurance policy. If you are unsure about what is valid in your case, contact your insurance company and check.

Why does the Hajka site have both English and Swedish versions?
This will allow us to reach as many potential organisers and participants as possible. We want to avoid the risk that the service is not used by people who would benefit from it, solely due to a language barrier. We plan to make the service available in several further languages, the first of which is Arabic.

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