Am I covered if I bought cancellation insurance when booking?

If you added STF’s cancellation insurance at the time of booking a guided tour or a package, you can cancel your stay according to our regular policy. Cancellation coverage applies in case of illness or serious incident and only in connection with the presentation of a doctor’s certificate. It applies only in the event of serious incident, acute illness or death occurring to you or to someone in your immediate family. Immediate family refers to a spouse/registered partner, cohabitant, child, parent or grandparent. You need to cancel the trip as soon as possible once you realise that you are not able to travel. The accommodation needs to be informed no later than 15.00 on the day of arrival. Without cancellation coverage, STF can not refund your cancellation on the basis of illness or being part of a high-risk group. We would recommend that you contact your insurance company for possible compensation.

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