Can I bring my pet and does it cost extra?

Many hostels have dog/pet friendly rooms and you can find this information on their websites (under "Facilities and Services"). Some hostels charge extra for the pet's accommodation. Pets are welcome free of charge at STF's mountain stations and mountain cabins, however these rooms are subject to availability.

Go to our website and search via our map function, click here.

Under "Accommodation" you can click "Change" and choose which service you want, in this case "Pets allowed". Then you will see the accommodations that welcome pets.

At some accommodations you pay extra for your pet's overnight stay, contact the accommodation directly if "pet friendly" rooms are not available while booking online.

Pets are welcome free of charge at STF's mountain stations. Please note that there are only a limited number of “pet friendly rooms”, so we recommend that you book rooms in advance at the mountain stations.

There are a limited number of pet friendly places with dogs in the mountain cabins. If the dog friendly room is full the dog can be offered a place eg. in the woodshed.

Saying goodbye to a loyal companion can be difficult...

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