Do I need to book my stay in advance?

We do recommend that you always pre-book your accommodation with us.

At our mountain stations, you can also book and pay for your accommodation on arrival, subject to availability. However, we can not guarantee a bed if you have not pre-booked. In an emergency we always offer roof over your head. All beds in our common rooms can be pre-booked. As far as possible we try to accommodate different parties in different rooms, but you are not guaranteed your own room unless you have made a booking. If you don’t want to share a room with other guests, we recommend that you make your booking for those dates or accommodations where single occupancy is available.

We also recommend our guests to pre-book accommodation in our mountain cabins. Bookings and repayments must be made for the specific date and cabin. Click here to make an online booking. The number of beds available for pre-booking is limited and depends on the type of cabin/area, so they may be fully booked. When you pre-book your stay, you will receive a special discounted advance price, and you are guaranteed a bed as long as you arrive at the cabin no later than 18:00. Later arrivals are guaranteed an unspecified bed. You must be able to show your booking confirmation to the cabin host on arrival, either printed or digital. If you do not have the opportunity to make an advance booking, you can still pay on arrival. In that case you will be given an unspecified bed, which could mean a floor bed in the mountain cabin or a different indoor space. Unspecified beds are normally allocated after 18:00.

Kindly note that tent sites and day visits are not available for pre-booking and that service fees must be paid to the cabin host on arrival.

Read more about  staying in our mountain cabins and staying at our mountain station.

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