What are STF doing to protect guests and staff from the coronavirus outbreak?

- We are adhering to regulations and general guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency.
- All STF accommodation facilities, local branches and staff have received information about Covid-19 with instructions, suggestions and guidelines regarding how to reduce the risk of contagion.
- Hygiene and cleanliness is always a high priority. We have now reinforced our procedures for housekeeping, cleaning and hygiene with additional focus on hand hygiene.
- Regular disinfection of frequently used surfaces such as doorhandles, reception desks, shared toilets/showers, guest kitchens, light switches and lift buttons and other surfaces regularly used by a large number of guests.
- Hand sanitiser is often available to our guests in the common areas.
- We act in accordance with established procedures that apply in the event that cases of Covid-19 are discovered at any of our accommodation facilities, among both employees and guests.
- If you are experiencing symptoms that may suggest you have been infected by coronavirus (e.g. fever, muscle and joint pain, headache and a dry cough) notify the staff, if possible without leaving your room.

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